1 April 2017

The Grand Mufti of Egypt ...

IN CASE somebody reads this post in the future without noticing the date, I am appending this note making clear that this is an example of the April Fools' Day genre. 

But, in fact, this spoof is within syllables of being historically accurate. I have transferred to the same day my discussion of the thoroughly disgraceful attack by the English and Welsh bishops on the Prayer for the Jews in the EF Liturgy for Good Friday ... see beneath.

The Grand Mufti of Egypt is entitled to his opinions. His recent criticism of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite is something (I am not an reasonable man) I can thoroughly understand, although I do wonder who has put him up to it (one does not expect Grand Muftis to have Liturgical Consultants!). But, that being said, I can fully understand how all that exuberant stuff in the EF Easter Vigil about the drowning of Egyptians in the Red Sea, and particularly the rather tactless glorying in their demise, must sound to Egyptians. "And Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore, and Israel saw that great work which the LORD did ... We will sing unto the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously ...". Haec nox est, indeed!

Somebody, however should gently point out to His Excellency's advisers that the same texts do also appear in the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, and in non-Catholic Liturgies (I won't  mention Judaism, because if one does that all hell is let loose!). There is something just slightly peculiar in picking out the Extraordinary Form for special attack.

But, on the whole, I make no criticism of the Grand Mufti. Our real enemies are very much closer to home.

What strikes me as totally bizarre ... I nearly wrote 'manic' ... about the whole business is the prompt statement by a "spokesperson" for the CBCEW agreeing with the Grand Mufti and demanding that the Ecclesia Dei people should "review" these "offensive" texts. One does not expect literacy, still less liturgical competence, of CBCEW spokespersons; but they, of all people, ought to be aware that their beloved Ordinary Form Easter Vigil contains texts every bit as offensive to Egyptian ears as anything in the Extraordinary Form. All the more so since they're in the vernacular! Do these overpaid bureaucrats never go near a Church themselves? Even at Easter?

And those OF texts are used in thousands of Catholic Churches; while there can hardly be half a dozen Churches in England which use the EF Easter Vigil texts. Why the fuss about the few and the tolerance of the many?

There is something very strange going on here. I hope Ecclesia Dei give a short sharp answer.


Simon Platt said...

I wasn't aware of the Grand Mufti's comments until just now. I will look for them online.

But one thing puzzles me. Is the Grand Mufti offended on behalf of the ancestors of the Copts? And a further question occurs: how are the events of Exodus treated in Coptic liturgies?

Unknown said...

Father, you wrote:
"But, that being said, I can fully understand how all that exuberant stuff in the EF Easter Vigil about the drowning of Egyptians in the Red Sea, and particularly the rather tactless glorying in their demise, must sound to Egyptians."

Bear in mind that 85-90% of modern day Egyptians are actually Arab Moslems who took the name of a conquered nation (same as they did with Syria, etc.). The true Egyptians of old are Christian Copts (10-15% of population). And they aren't protesting. So why are Arabs complaining about something that has nothing to do with them?

Prayerful said...

I think it's a puzzle. A traditional minded Catholic is least likely to heed a Moslem religious authority, even the relatively moderate Grand Mufti. The Left hold Moslems to be Minority Number One who cannot ever be criticised. Perhaps the words were suggested to him by some Conciliarist ultra who wants to stir against the Mass of Ages, but that doesn't work as an explanation. The terms are most definitely in the Novus Ordo (one of the rare parts of that liturgy which really works well). Someone would have explained that. Someone in Rome is planning mischief of an unclear nature and put the words in the mouth of the Grand Mufti.

Simon Platt said...

In spiritu humilitatis, I shan't mind your enabling my earlier comment, in which my pride at not being taken in by Fr Z this morning took a fall. In my defence, I claim that, although I can't be certain that stranger things have happened, I am sure that equally strange things have.

Marco da Vinha said...

Can anyone link to the relevant new article? My searches so far have been fruitless.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

It is prolly too soon and too hopeful to consider the CBCEW action as a rear guard action of the revolution but we are saved by Hope as the New Testament testifies.

Unknown said...

Happy April Fools Day!!!


Unknown said...

US Marine Forces recently discovered in an ISIS stronghold in southern Syria plans for a massive offensive against various chapels and communities attached to the Extraordinary Form. It appears there are links between several bishops' conferences and liberal Catholic charities with ISIS. Plans, finances and armaments have been supplied. The Cardinal Archbishop of Munich denies any complicity, but several congregations of religious sisters have openly confirmed their involvement; a number of them have made their way into Syria for training. There is further evidence of sleeper cells, consisting mostly of progressive parish priests and extraordinary ministers of Communion, in the vicinity of chapels attached to the Extraordinary Form.

Melinda said...

Dear Father,

Is there an "un" missing from the first parenthesis?

Donna Bethell said...

This appears to be not only a lapse of informed comment but of simple manners.

May that short, sharp answer include a link to the wonderful talk just sent by Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship etc., to the conference in Germany on Summorum Pontificum, from which he had to withdraw because of the press of duties: http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Item/5532/cardinal_sarahs_address_on_10th_anniversary_of_summorum_pontificum.aspx.

He earnestly begs for an end to the bickering between the two forms of the Latin Rite and, with unflinching clear eye, identifies the failure of the reform of the liturgy after Vatican II as the source of the crisis in the Church.

Victor said...

Pull the other one, father, it has bells attached! Did you fool us on purpose or were you fooled yourself? I have to admit though that at first, I believed it... :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO tired of people presuming to edit, censor, berate, explain away or ignore God's revealed word.
If the Scriptures tell us that the ancient Israelites rejoiced in the fact that God defeated a long time and vicious enemy then the left wing trendies need to keep their collective mouths shut.
There are, whether they like it or not, good and bad people in this world. And God does punish evil. What I really suspect is that the trendies have a sneaking, deep down fear that they may one day face the wrath of God.
If only they knew that the way to avoid that wrath is to accept the love of God instead by repentance and conversion.
Pharaoh did not repent or convert - hence the judgement.