9 April 2017


... is the title of a collection of papers newly off the press ... in this case, the Angelico press. The papers were read at last year's Roman Forum conference at Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda.

I think I may have contributed one of the papers, so please ... I beg of you ... I would, wouldn't I? ... buy this humble inexpensive little volume and read it.

Which reminds me ... I do hope friends and readers are signed up to the 2017 Gardone Conference.


Highland Cathedral said...

I have ordered it from Amazon at a cost of £16.50. I think (hope) it might be worth the money but 'inexpensive'? Like yourself, I can remember when you could buy Penguin/Pelican books for 3/6. But, yes, that was a long time ago.

NSP said...

Dear Father,

If you have any influence with the publishers, please request them to make this available in Kindle ebook format. Thanks!