16 April 2017

Joseph Ratzinger

Joseph Ratzinger celebrates his ninetieth birthday today.

Blessed John Henry Newman notoriously rejoiced that so few popes had been clever; the purpose of a pope, he insisted, is to be a barrier against innovation.

Benedict XVI, one of God's choicest gifts to His Church in two millennia, was that most rare of things: a very clever pope who courageously set his hand and mind to the dangerous labour of building up the broken places.


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El Codo said...

I had the great honour of taking the offertory up to Pope Benedict at the Beatification of Blessed John Henry. What struck us so forcefully on that glorious day in Colton Park was his humility and clear nervousness at being in front of so many people. I felt that I was in the presence of a great soul.Ad multos Annos,dear Papa.