18 November 2015

Rainbow Query UPDATED

Oh dear ... I have a horrible feeling that I'm going to end up looking very silly ... Hunwicke hoaxed again ... taken in by a rather obvious practical joke ...  the perennial fear of the schoolmaster ... Eponymous Flower has pictures of what it says are official chasubles for the Year of Mercy, decorated with the official logo of the Year of Mercy and also with flashes of the 'rainbow' which now counts as the universal symbol for the homosexualist ideology.

I don't for one moment believe that these are 'official chasubles' (Roman dicasteries do not often prescribe the details of needlework designs), and I would, frankly, prefer it if Eponymous Flower [and other blogs] had a house policy of making a distinction between Facts and Good Jokes. This is mainly because we live in a pontificate in which the jokes so often do turn out to be the facts. But the photograph looks undoctored [UPDATE: SEE THOMAS ON THE THREAD: IT IS PROBABLY DOCTORED], and my suspicion therefore is [WAS] that these garments may possibly be on sale. I've tried the Mancinelli website ... no 'luck'. Can somebody help in establishing the facts?? [THANK YOU THOMAS]

Back in the episcopate of Basil Hume, there was an occasion when homosexualists who approached Holy Communion in his Cathedral wearing rainbow sashes were, on his instructions, repelled from the Sacrament; Holy Communion should, indeed, not be made an occasion for such public political point-making. The Cardinal wrote that it is "fundamentally wrong to use a solemn occasion such as receiving Communion to make a point in a public manner about one's sexuality, either its orientation or practice". (Tablet 6 December 1997.)

I would regard it as even more problematic if a Eucharistic President appeared arrayed in any chasuble bearing homosexualist imagery, whether or not it also had the Mercy logo. My own  reaction would be as strong as Cardinal Hume's was.


The Bones said...

I would also like to know if they are 'official'.

PG said...

In Italy the rainbow flag is also often used as a symbol of the peace movement, so perhaps the designers of the chasuble thought this was appropriate symbolism for the year of mercy (perhaps!)


Eccles said...

The claim here:


is that it is for sale in Mancinelli’s, but I searched their catalogue and couldn't find it.

As the fanatic says when he attacks: "Tommy Rosica", which is Arabic for "What a load of nonsense!"

Anonymous said...

Photo-retouching is part of how I earn my living. The first thing I notice is that this is not a proper sales catalogue shot. The rainbow flashes on the vestment in the photo do look real and would be quite hard, although not impossible to mock up. However it would be quite easy to place the embroidered Mercy Logo from another shot onto the front of the rainbow one. A quick google for 'Year of Mercy' chasubles shows plenty of plain white examples with the Mercy Logo on the front. Having taken a download of the image in question into Photoshop and zooming in beyond 100%, the logo and some of the surrounding material does 'pixelate' differently from the rest of the image. That suggests to me that the logo has been digitally added to a rainbow flashed vestment. I could be wrong, but I recommend great caution.

Fr John Hunwicke said...

Thank you, Thomas. Your professional analysis is extremely helpful and suggestive.

Most grateful.

John H

jonty said...

Surely the gays haven't patented "rainbow"? Don't Greenpeace use it too? To me it signifies a generic hug-a-tree feeling rather than anything else. The troubled with looking for offence is, once you start, you can find it almost anywhere.

Jacobi said...

A Homosexual mafia undoubtedly exists in the Vatican. An inevitable result of the flooding of the seminaries with homosexuals from he late sixties onwards.

Whatever else the rainbow is, it is one of their symbols and they will try to use it as and where they can. I wouldn't worry about it being a hoax.

For a group that represent some 1 1/2% - of the population they do well. Just as they have done in the Synod.

Kathleen1031 said...

jonty, the rainbow has been thoroughly absconded by the homosexual activists. It is unequivocally a symbol of homosexuality or LBGTQ movements. If anyone in, at least, North America, were to put a rainbow on anything, it would positively label that item as dedicated to the cause. Were it to show up on a chasuble, for example, it sends the same exact message, although naturally, would have far wider implications.
The rainbow, is no longer harmless.

diff said...

Reverend Father,

I regret to inform you that this is no forgery. I stumbled upon one this morning in Mancenelli on the Borgo Pio.
It was a variant of the one posted by eponymous flower, yet it was the year of mercy chasuble replete with rainbows.
Please forgive me, but I didn't have the stomach to take a picture of it.

Anonymous said...

For some reason this old post and my comment on it came into my mind tonight. I was afraid it was some sort of strange narcissistic vanity was prompting me to look it up, but it seems I was wrong about the image after all. What I saw must have been artefacts from the jpeg compression of the image as it was uploaded to the web. My apologies (although I would rather that I had been right).

K. Kimtis said...

One with a much larger rainbow was for sale at De Ritis here in Rome as well. They pulled it from the window a week or so ago, however. I have a picture of the whole vestment should you desire!

joannis said...

I always wonder 'Where the hell did they all come from?' Did Catholic families enmasse start breeding femiboys 'like rabbits?'