15 November 2015

Ordinariate Use (1)

The Ordinariate Missal being now available, I may from time to time, under the above heading, give a brief comment upon some detail in this splendid volume; which, in general terms, is the sort of thing which should have been given to the Anglophone Churches in about 1970.

In these brief pieces I shall not give a lot of detail. Almost invariably, you can find explanations in earlier posts on this blog, if you are prepared to use the Search Engine.


Ivan said...

I think it would be best and most simple if someone was to record you celebrating Mass using the mentioned Missal. Of course, only if the video ends up on the internet! And if you use all the options we would expect someone like you to use... Which I mean in the best possible sense!

Jason W. said...


See any Mass from Our Lady of the Atonement since the new Missal has come out, and I think you will be pleased. Father Hunwicke and Father Phillips are friends, and share the same liturgical sensibilities.