23 November 2015

Ordinariate Use (5)

After Anglicans restored the Pilgrimage to Walsingham and built a replica of the Holy House, Fr Fynes Clinton had the brilliant idea of using a translation of the old Latin Proper for the Alma Domus of Loretto (in the Appendix pro aliquibus locis) as the Walsingham Shrine Mass; he simply cut out the one phrase in the Collect which referred to its miraculous Translation to Loretto. This Mass was used until, in the 1960s, Anglo-Catholics misguidedly aped the Roman Catholic anti-Traditional fashions of that decade, and composed new formulae in the authentic addled English of the Old ICEL translations.

In the Ordinariate Use Missal, this lovely old English Missal Mass is restored to us in toto just as 'Fynes' left it. (See my post September 23 this year.) More about it next time.


tradgardmastare said...

Will there be one published for the laity?

jeff said...

Please post the collect. The missal is AU$700! I would love to read what it is