20 October 2010

S Giles, Reading

Yes, I do tend to keep on about it. You only have to step inside and meet the people; and look at the building, adorned with love of generations of Anglican Catholics, a beacon of the Faith once delivered to the Saints ... to see why.

The parish needs a good, orthodox, priest; and the adverts are now buzzing around. Or at least they should have been ... but I gather there were technical problems on some websites. But full information can now be found on the Ebbsfleet and Oxford Diocese websites. The closing date for applications is October 29.

If you know (or yourself are) a good orthodox priest who might build on Fr Melrose's work (aided by the prayers of an earlier vicar, Blessed John Eynon, martyred under Henry Tudor) ... well, the congregation are hoping for their prayers to be answered.


Canon Jerome Lloyd OSJV said...

Er... exactly what might be the point of such an appointment? Surely any 'orthodox' priest would be heading towards the Ordinariate rather than wasting time with the SSWSH or unless hanging about with FiF until financial futures are secured? Don't the orthodox people of St Giles want to join the Ordinariate? If not, wouldn't they rather someone with a desire to 'stick it out' for the long haul 'no matter what', which by your own (wholly logical) rhetoric of late, would not require an 'orthodox' priest? Just asking?!

Steve said...

I once, many years ago, took Communion from Michael Melrose. He celebrated the Mass according to Series Two, and the preacher was the present Dean of Southwark......