12 October 2010

Stinge but no Bracket

How fine dear S Wilfrid looks, down at Brompton, in his cope and mitre. I expected to find his altar there - genuine Netherlandish Baroque, I think I recall - thronged with bishops of Chichester, area bishops and archdeacons of that see, and canons of its Cathedral, all beseeching their patron for his prayer and blessing upon poor Johnny Hind's dotty 'Society'. But only the usual Filippino ladies there for the EF Mass, God bless them. I bet they aren't signed up to it. I know S Wilfrid isn't.

I wonder how many women 'clergy' Johnny has licensed and instituted to "my cure and yours" since he and his lackeys sprang the latest initiative of this "leading Catholic bishop" upon a waiting world. Heaven help any poor suckers who have fallen for it.

Daft lot.


Rubricarius said...

Perhaps their Lordships are not into North-end use?

Pastor in Monte said...

I have to say that I never liked that statue of St Wilfrid: I always thought that the chapel needed something much more florid and baroque, vestments flapping in the wind &c.
I have a double devotion to St W; not only is he the patron of Fr 'Wilfrid' Faber and the patron of the Oratorian Noviate, but also (as the Apostle of Sussex) the secondary Patron of the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton.

Patrick Sheridan said...

A blessed Edwardtide to you father.

Steve said...

+Chichester ordained 11 women deacons this Petertide (and 12 men).