15 October 2010


At the Forward in Faith Congress in Westminster ... a lugubrious occasion ... an old tradition may have been abandoned.

Hitherto, each year, Bishop Edwin Barnes, Protoclete of Richborough, has stood up, at some point in the proceedings, looked around with his beguiling air of False Naivety, and said "But the Game is Up!"

Perhaps he's planning to do it tomorrow.


asshur said...

Fr Hunwicke, seems you wrote too early.
It has been +Broadhurst the first one who's crossed the Rubicon, err, has already landed at Ostia.
So +Barnes won't have the chance to play his routine ...

BTW. On our side of the river, there's a lot of us which are making provision of towels for those who cross (even in some strange places, i'm a spaniard). I pray as many as possible, you included (i hope)

William said...

Tradition is alive and well! I am pleased to report from the Emmanuel Centre that the immortal words have just been uttered.