6 February 2015


A pseudonymous individual who likes anonymously to emit abuse and has a thing about the Ordinariate and my Ordinary and me and Joseph Ratzinger and heaven knows who else has sent me yet another bit of abuse. He/she is preoccupied with sex and has a ferocious manner fueled by anger and frustration ... and, curiously, a wish that I should enable his/her "comments".

If you really want to persuade me, Thingummy, to enable your "comments", send your name, address, email, marital status, size of family, Curriculum Vitae, etc.. (I won't enable it onto the blog if you don't want me to.) After all, I don't hide my identity. Omnia fiant ex aequo. Go on! Don't be shy!

Chicken!  Bore!

I received a very gracious and Christian apology from a person who, sadly, got himself involved in all this; I accept it and, in return, express my regret if my manner drove him to it! I know I am not everybody's cup of tea. I assure him of my prayers; I will say Mass for him and his family later this week, asking God to bless his ministry. 

I also accept his assurance, which confirms the conclusion I had come to on stylistic grounds, that he is not the person alluded to in my original Post, above. I'm pretty sure (again, on stylistic grounds) that I know who that person is. Indeed, he is a chicken and a bore.

I have deleted most of the thread. I thank the authors of some very kind and moving comments.
Apologies to those who feel they've better things to do with their time than read this sort of stuff. I won't return to this matter.


FrereRabit said...

Father, I can honestly say that since my conversion to the Catholic Church in 1992 (ex SSF Franciscan friar), I have rarely been inspired by any other writer than yourself to delve into theological or historical tradition. Libg may you continue to stimulate and educate us. Thank you and ignore the devils and trolls.

Annie said...

Please continue speaking and writing about the Ordinariate as much as possible. I urge everyone to attend one of their Masses. Also, please consider contributing financially to their support. We are blessed as a Church to have the Ordinariate among us.