4 February 2015

More than sherds

I'm afraid I just declined a very amusing comment simply because it was typed in with so many bits of carelessness. Never forget that I am really just an usher.

I've also declined one or two recently, purely on account of my own whimsy. In one case it was because of the condescending manner in which, with no reference to facts I thought I was working with, it advised me that Common Sense knew better. In another case, the writer seemed to want to make it clear that popes are gods-on-earth and everyone knows that they can do anything ... again, without deigning to comment on magisterial texts I had cited.

I don't have to enable anything. Many blogs nowadays have given up accepting comments.


Patrick Sheridan said...

But you don't want to go the way of THOSE blogs, father. It does seem unfair on the reader, even a bit paranoid and tyrannical.

Fr. Michael LaRue said...

I, for one, appreciate your policy of moderation. Otherwise blogs degenerate into unlivable places. Please continue with what you have been doing!

Unknown said...

If the humour takes you, how about accepting my pet fancy:

Fr Hunwicke for a Red Hat (or the Triple Tiara) .. not practical, of course, or even excusable in elfish whimsy, but true - I do believe you to be a treasure of your nation (and a proper tonic to boot).

Now! Now! Modesty may be most becoming, but there is a hateful pride in false humility ..

God Bless Our Pope! Lord, help us all!

St Michael defend us in the day of battle!

Papa Pacelli - Beato Subito / Santo Subito (if not sooner).

Gillineau said...

But you mustn't go the route of one notable now ex-rag, which permanently blocks any user for one perceived infringement of the comments. I've been blocked for suggesting that the pope mightn't be the kind of chap I'd share a drink with, what with his low opinions of my cunicular instincts. I wasn't inelegant in tone or phraseology, merely contra the current orthodoxy (that the pope'd sure make a swell uncle).

Unknown said...

. . . About time I chimed in as well on this particular subject : Several months ago,when Fr. H , quite apologetically, had to disable comments on one particular post - where they had previously been enabled, a comment I had submitted early on got removed along with some others. I made it a point of letting Fr. H. know that I wasn't at all offended that my comment had been removed .

After all, it's his blog. And what appears in his combox should also be required to meet a certain degree of decorum, which should be left up to his prerogative.

One of the more unique things about this blog, is that Fr. H. does what he can to try and make it ours too : Every preceding comment on this topic was addressed directly to Fr. H. It indicates the subtle truth that he ends up not so much speaking to us, as he does with us. That's definitely something worth preserving ; something "Mutual".

I suppose the best we can do to keep it that way is to ensure our own comments are consistently up to snuff. I wonder if that's one of the things Fr. H. could be hinting at here ?

Mike Cliffson said...

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