1 January 2011


There seems to be surprise about today's news.

Well, I did try to drop massive hints on December 18 for anybody who cared to read between the lines and didn't need everything spelt out as for toddlers.

The Five Bishops are very considerable men who have tirelessly, selflessly, done an impossible job, tending struggling oases in a parched and hopeless desert. God bless them and reward them.


The Flying Dutchman said...

It seems from this apparent eyewitness account that three former Anglican Bishops (Burnham, Newton, Broadhusrst), two of them together with their wives, were received into the Catholic Church in Westminster Abbey by Bishop Alan Hopes early this afternoon.

At the same time three former Anglican Nuns from Walsingham were also received. This is significant, I think, because it means that the religious life will be present in the Ordinariate from the very beginning.

AndrewWS said...

Another eye-witness account is here:


I presume that +Mercer and the other two retired bishops will be "done" on another occasion.

Must remember to buy the papers tomorrow.

David said...

The quiet way this was done reminds me of the consecration of Matthew Parker in the chapel of Lambeth Palace.

And look how that "blossomed" and spread.

FootmanUK said...

Re the "Flying Dutchman's" comment, it would have been most amusing had the ex-Anglicans been received into the Roman Catholic church in Westminster Abbey! Perhaps HM The Queen has offered it to the Ordinariate!!