14 January 2011

As I was saying ...

... when I suddenly remembered my Home Communions, the food was strikingly good at the liturgical event upon which I stumbled in Chelsea last night. I entirely agreed with Bishop Andrew when, in a little speech at the end "on behalf of the Three Bishops", he said this very emphatically.

The liturgy, whatever it was, was clearly both episcopal and ecumenical in way that combined both of these things very cunningly. For example, the Three Bishops were dressed , like Byzantine bishops, in dalmatics, and very impressive they looked, especially Bishop Andrew with his beard. The Church Universal truly must breathe with both lungs.

Fortunately, there will be a photographic record of this splendid event. As well as Fr Bradley, there were some blokes present who looked ... from the Important way they bobbed around ... like Professional Photographers. But these latter rather puzzled me. They seemed to be taking many more pictures of Bishop Keith than of the other two.

I'm no judge of male good looks, burdened as I am with the curse of having to live my life with an incurable heterosexual condition. But it seemed to me that Bishop Keith is the least handsome of the three of them.

Ah, well, it takes all sorts.


John F H H said...

Now, father, what happened to your encounter with the Old Testament scholar.......?

Kind regards

John U.K.

Hopefully see you in the Byzantine basilica tomorrow......

Pete said...

Does your blog not have the feature of doing polls?

Anonymous said...

They seemed to be taking many more pictures of Bishop Keith than of the other two.

Aha... A nod's as good as a wink to a blind 'un.

David said...

Perhaps they guessed that he might get the Papal nod which indeed he did.

josephmchardy said...

(Raises hand, timidly)
Father, having read what you've written regarding Apostolicae Curae, and remembering that Card. Ratzinger could not fully doubt the late Mgr Leonard's orders, have the ordinations been conditional?
(Shrinks behind desk)