3 January 2011

And now Fr Zed has spotted it too

Regular readers became completely bored, months ago, by my continual ranting about the typographical carelessness, and illiteracy with regard to the Latin Language, in the modern Vatican.

In the last week, Fr Zed has done two posts on the subject.

Those of you who use recent editions of the Liturgia Horarum can amuse yourselves by very easily looking up one of the worst examples of culpable carelessness. It concerns Feb 22: Cathedra Petri. This Feast has to be printed in Vol 2 and Vol 3, because it might come before, or during, Lent.

In Vol 3, the Patristic Reading is printed, as far as I can see, accurately [except for utraque (neuter plural) being printed with the accent on the middle syllable: a systemic mistake in Vols 2, 3, and 4 of LH (not, curiously, in Vol 1)].

But in Vol 2, a couple of lines are omitted from the first paragraph of the Reading from S Leo. This omission makes the entire passage gibberish. (Correct your Vol 2 from your Vol 3!)

And S Leo is the most lucid and graceful of Latinists.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Father. Correction duly made.

Patricius said...

Nativitas carnis manifestatio est humanae naturae; partus virginis divinae est virtutis indicium. Infantia parvuli ostenditur humilitate cunarum; magnitudo Altissimi declaratur vocibus angelorum. Similis est rudimentis hominum quem Herodes impie molitur occidere, sed Dominus est omnium quem Magi gaudent suppliciter adorare (S Leonis, Tomus ad Flavianum).

An example of St Leo's exquisite Latin from the famous Tome to Flavian - a contribution perhaps more to rhetoric than theology, but still a worthy treatise on Western Christology.