3 January 2011

Fr Zed comes into line.

On December 16 I did a post suggesting that, while Say the Black and do the Red was a splendid exocet to direct against liberals, traditionalists should not bother too much about it themselves.

Now: January 3: Fr Zed announces his conversion to my tentative suggestions. Dealing with the question of starting the Canon while the Sanctus (and Benedictus) are still being sung, he invokes Common Sense and the Mutual Enrichment of both forms of the Roman Rite to justify it, at least when the sung Sanctus is a bit long.

Perhaps the next edition of his mug should read COMMON SENSE AND MUTUAL ENRICHMENT.

What is most striking about this, of course, is that Fr Zed, most laudably, is suggesting direct and unambiguous disobedience with regard to a very clear rubrical direction. IGMR para 30* clearly describes the Eucharistic Prayer as the principal "oratio praesidentialis". And para 32* requires that all these 'presidential' parts must, because of their inherent nature ("Natura partium 'praesidentialium' exigit ..."), be rendered "clara et elata voce ... et ab omnibus cum attentione auscultentur".

Bugnini could hardly have made that clearer, could he?

Three cheers for Fr Zed in his new incarnation! Don't forget you read it in Hunwicke first.


* paras 10 and 12 in the 1975 Missal.


Patricius said...

Fr Hunwicke, I never cease to be amazed at the depth of that man's hypocrisy and idiocy. The man knows nothing whatsoever about Liturgy, and yet would consider your expertise of little worth since in his eyes you're not even a valid priest...

IanW said...

Glass houses, my dear P.

Anonymous said...

I do not care for Fr. Zed's weblog myslef. He thinks like a puritan, writes like a demagogue, and makes what he thinks to be infallible pronouncements, suffering no criticism. Perhaps that is because he is American, or perhaps because he is a convert from low Protestantism. However that may be, in the Old Rite the Canon is said inaudibly, (but the priest is supposed to hear himself praying! it is not mental prayer!). The Sanctus, sung by choir and people whilst the Canon has already begun, is, as it were, an angelic accompaniment to the awesome mysteries now begun to be performed at the Altar, stopping only for the Consecration, when absolute silence reigns. The choir chants also in the Eastern Rites as the Priest begins the Canon. Similarly, the choir may sing Ave verum or O Salutaris, or the Organ may play gravely, after the Consecfration and up until Per omnia saecula saeculorum (though i would like to see the whole Per Ipsum chanted in the future). I appreciate Card. Ratzinger's suggestion (not yet rubrically allowed, however) to begin evry paragraph of the Canon aloud, like Nobis quoque peccatoribus, and, in some places Hanc iitur oblationem.

Monica said...

I find Fr Z rather arrogant in his manner, tone and terminology, though I do find, surprisingly, that I agree with most of what he says. In other words, I appreciate what he says, I just don't care for the way he says some things.

I attune more to Fr Hs eruditon.

Rubricarius said...

I agree with Patricius, Albertus and Monica.

Our esteemed blog host is a priest, gentleman and scholar. For those of us fortunate to know him personally a Double of the First Class fellow.

IMHO 'Zee' has none of those attributes.

Anonymous said...

Monica, you say that you find Father Zuhlsdorf "rather arrogant in his manner, tone and terminology"; well, if you say that is how you find him, you would be the expert on that, but is it right for you so to find? I agree that he is very forthright in stating his opinions, but is that necesarily arrogant? Show me.
Rubricarius, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Father Hunwicke, though I hope that I someday shall so that I may thank him for the salutary pleasures his posts have given me, but I can easily believe that he is a gentleman and a scholar (as for being a priest, please see above). But it is obnoxious, very obnoxious, to say that Father Zuhlsdorf is none of those things, since it is plain that you mean to suggest that he is their antithesis. And did you really mean to say that he is no priest?

I grant that he is no proofreader.

James C. said...

I have met Father Z, and he certainly is a frank, boisterous, gregarious type, especially with some wine in him. No doubt he is very bold in expressing his opinions. But an arrogant snob he is not, and I daresay he shows more charity than some of the imprudent commenters on this thread.

Fr. Hunwicke, you will be delighted to know that Fr. Z does not slavishly follow 1962 in the Masses he celebrates, either.

James C. said...

Dear Fr. Hunwicke's blog is on the WDTPRS blogroll, so perhaps Fr. Zuhlsdorf values Fr. Hunwicke's liturgical notes after all.

DANIEL said...

I too found FrH from A link on FrZ ... I thank them both for strengthening the simple faith of a layman, my own that is. Having no hope of meeting them in this life, I pray we may all be "merry together in Heaven". Two very fine fine Priests, I read both blogs daily. Father H. is the reason I visited that very excellent museum in Texas. (I missed him by a month!) If I had to compare the respective blogs, one would be "American fast food" the other "4 star fine dining" both in their on way satisfying... God bless them both!