15 May 2023

Dressed to kill

 Here is part of an account of a former head master of a school called Cranleigh.

"He hated women who wore scent and would clap a handkerchief to his nose drenched in eucalyptus while he marched ahead leaving them to totter behind on their high heels as best they could, which was torture for mothers who had 'dressed to kill'."

It puts me in mind of one of the hazards of Guest Night at the High Table of Magdalen College in this University.

Guests are invited to get from High Table to Common Room by an open-air journey across the roof which includes walking across an area 'paved' with wooden slats. 

I wonder how many women guests have gone over in the dark, perhaps dramatically breaking their Heels as they do so. 

The wraith of Dr Routh ... not to mention the Bishop of Madaura ...


Grant Milburn said...

Beware the cattle grid on the roof.


Joshua said...

I recall an eccentric lady, the wife of a golfing partner of my late father, who suggested a rather startling cure for the common cold: soak two handkerchiefs in eucalyptus oil, then poke each as far up each nostril as they will go; presumably one was to leave them there until one died from the toxic fumes, thus delivering oneself from the common cold by an idiotic act of self-murder! It always struck me as a thoroughly daft and dangerous suggestion, especially if one so treated strayed too close to a naked flame.

Banshee said...

Well, stilettos could be a problem in that situation, yes. Ideally one is not teetering, but well-grounded on heels.

The main problem is that most women wear ill-fitted shoes, and that most women's formal shoes are not flexible or available in enough sizes.

Louboutin high heels come in all sorts of quarter sizes and widths, they are flexible where they should be, and their brand's shoe stores have extremely knowledgeable fitters. When you know this, suddenly Louboutin sounds like a bargain brand.

PM said...

A doctor once told me of a cure for influenza advocated by one of the professors in his medical school which puts the eucalyptus cure reported by Joshua in the shade.

It was called the Two Hat cure. Take one hat and one bottle of whisky and retire to bed. Drink whisky until you see two hats.

I have never been tempted to try it, but I assume that it works by making the patient so hung over that he or she forgets about the flu.