9 May 2022

Sophie Scholl

 Today was the Birth Day of Sophie Scholl, executed under the German National Socialist Regime for High Treason. She hobbled to the guillotine on crutches, because her leg had been broken during interrogation.

I pray that I and every reader of this blog may be a whole-hearted and courageous High Traitor to the Zeitgeist of our own time.

When such High Traitors are brought before the equally distinguished jurists who, in every age, uphold the dark precepts of the eternal Zeitgeist, I pray that they may speak as boldly as Sophie did to Roland Freisler.

Now there's a real example of Parrhesia.


Evangeline said...

I never heard of this lady. It is awful to hear someone's leg being broken during "interrogation". And a lady to boot. The things that have happened and do happen in this world. How did it all get so incredibly ugly.
Some people do have the courage of their convictions and never lose that no matter what comes.
We don't have as many of these people as we used to.

Zephyrinus said...

Dear Reverend Fr. Hunwicke.

Prayers assured, today, for both Sophie Scholl (R.I.P.) and for your good self.

We all look forward very much to your swift return to The Blogosphere and a well-deserved Rest and Recuperation.

in Domino

Jhayes said...

From a Gestapo Memorandum, they were executed on the same day they were convicted:

“ Those named in numbers 1 through 3 – Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, and Christoph Probst – were already sentenced to death and loss of civil rights for their entire lifetimes by the 1st Council of the People’s Court on February 22, 1943, for preparations for high treason, seditiously aiding and abetting the enemy, and demoralizing the armed forces. The sentence was executed on February 22, 1943.”


I have read, elsewhere, that she gave her boyfriend two books of Newman’s sermons to take with him when he was sent to the Eastern Front