16 February 2022

Restructuring the CDF

My first reaction to the restructuring of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was ... relief! The Ordinariates will remain within its competences! This must surely mean that Arthur Roche, who shares PF's profoundly mistaken view that liturgical uniformity is essential to Unity of Faith, may not find it so easy to get his twitchy hands on the worship of the Ordinariates. (The other good news in this area is that the American Ordinary, the intelligent and affable Bishop Lopes, was elected boss of the liturgical department of the USA Episcopal Conference ... which must usefully enhance his standing in Rome.) Cardinal Ladaria, the current Prefect of the CDF, has shown himself a man of principle: when the question of blessing homosexual relationships came up, he resisted PF and uttered a negative. This meant that the CDF response was not (as is usual) "approved and ordered to be published" by the pope; and, soon after, PF preached another of his favourite rants about Rigid People.

My pleasure, however, was short-lived. I read the rumours that Ladaria, who is already well past the 'retirement age', might be replaced by Archbishop Scicluna. He is on record as having uttered one of the most stark, comprehensive, and pure articulations of the Bergoglianical error:

"Whoever wishes to discover what Jesus wants from him, he must ask the pope, this pope, not the one who came before him, or the one who came before that. This present pope."

I ... and you ... should never pass hasty judgments. But I find it hard to believe that such a person is fit to occupy such a sensitive post.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. There wonderful P.J. O'Rourke passed away. He had many fantastic quotes including this one that I can reform so it pertains to 60s liturgists:

During the mid-1980s dairy farmers decided there was too much cheap milk at the supermarket. So the government bought and slaughtered 1.6 million dairy cows. How come the government (Church) never does anything like this with lawyers (modern liturgists)?

frjustin said...

"Whoever wishes to discover what Jesus wants from him, he must ask the pope, this pope, not the one who came before him, or the one who came before that. This present pope."

After all, how else are we to know what Jesus wants to appear in the parish bulletin?

John Patrick said...

Funny. I always thought that if we wanted to know what Jesus wanted from us, we would ask - Jesus?

coradcorloquitur said...

Scicluna's statement is pure papolatry and schismatic to the core: people who utter such outrage have cut themselves off from the historical Church in order to reap personal gain and render adulation to Francis, a RIGID requisite in the present tyranny. What a tragedy that this joke of a bishop not only will have now world-wide influence but has been archbishop in one of the loveliest Catholic lands on the planet. We mourn the gradual death of the Faith in once gloriously Catholic Malta and the dangers that this moron poses for the faith of millions across the planet.

Scribe said...

I’ll stick with the New Testament. It tells you quite a lot about what Jesus wants from us.

Matthew F Kluk said...


PM said...

My Maltese sources say that Grech (quondam bishop of Gozo now running the synod for PF) is even worse.

John the Mad said...

After observing this dreadful train wreck of a pontificate I do take note of what "this pope" wants in order to avoid it, thereby increasing my chances as a sinner of squeaking into Purgatory.

Catholic said...

To deny the faithful Extreme Unction and replacing it with
"Anointing of the Sick" is canonically criminal,cruel,and malevolent.

The only blog that has highlighted the stark contrast in Rites is
"Introibo ad..." He illustrated the differences in Rites brilliantly and coherent but,it's not a popular blog.

This topic could be brought to our attention by a certain legitimately educated Priest who's posts we read daily or weekly.(hint hint)