14 February 2022


Exterminate! Exterminate! I think one of the cheapest and most spiteful examples of our current malaise ... and, probably, the most significant ... is the attempted prohibition against the Usus Authenticus of the Roman Rite being celebrated by the newly ordained.

Exterminate!!! I wonder if anyone has ever tried to suggest that PF should experiment with a policy of showing towards those Catholics whom (and whose liturgical preferences) he so viscerally detests, just one tenth of the friendly tolerance he demonstrates towards non-Catholics and non-Christians (not to mention those within the priesthood or the sisterhood who enthusiastically promote intrinsically disordered sexual activity). 

The question of the Ecclesia Dei societies is likely to come up this year. Exterminate! I suspect that he will not yet actually suppress them; but will do his best ... it will be an extremely fine best ... to treat them with imaginative cruelty. They may be required to symbolise their craven and total submission  by some use of the Usus Deterior. "The first Sunday of the month" as promoted by the Cupiches may come to be a widely hated expression.

The suggestion that the pre-Conciliar Pontificale is suppressed, a suggestion already heard from PF's lackies, will possibly result in a prohibition of the old Rite of the Ordination of Presbyters.

Wozzat you say? That the old Pontifical has already been abrogated beyond any possibility of its use? But ... what about the central Bergoglian principle that PF can "do anything" because his every daily word and action is the direct prompting of the Holy Spirit? And what about Canon 87?

It is one of the paradoxes of these counter-intuitive times that a great fuss was made about a "rebalancing" done by Vatican II to restore the just dignity and autonomous rights of the Episcopate ... yet a document like Traditionis custodes can emerge, more than half a century after the Council, festooned with micro-managing and enhanced by disdainful interferences with the autonomy of diocesan bishops. What price now Subsidiarity?

In this country at least, everybody knows that the bishops ... or the great majority of them ... even if they have no intention whatsoever themselves of ever celebrating the Usus Authenticus ... desire to foster good relationships ... real Communio ... within their jurisdictions. This has given real pleasure and hope to those in the Traddy peripheries.

Liturgy Wars were the very last Bergoglian dainties that most bishops were hoping and praying for when they answered the Lord's gracious call to Episkope.


Expeditus said...

In all the recent talk about the various books of the Old Rite, I have seen no mention of the Breviary. I suppose not even the most ambitious Begoglians will try to regulate private recitation which, in any case, is probably in another world from their point of view. But what of the public celebration of the Hours, particularly Sunday Vespers? Is that to be forbidden unless it follows the rite in the Liturgia Horarum? Ditto Benediction?

Atticus said...

And does the dalek eyestalk now turn towards Anglicanorum coetibus? If today's motu proprio on the CDF is anything to go by, something's afoot. Exterminariate? Quod DEVS avertat... [Amusing that I had to prove "I'm not a robot" to post this.]

Joshua said...

As to the Breviary - I doubt Bergoglians (or indeed most priests) bother, so they are unlikely to think to forbid that of which they are unaware.

And only the most zealously conformist object to "O salutaris", "Tantum ergo" with the tell-tale versicle "Panem de cælo" and the Collect of Corpus Christi, all still in Latin, despite whatever little-known and less-used postconciliar book may prescribe.

Myself, I wish the clergy would recite Mattins and Evensong - at least they'd learn their Bible.