28 February 2022


Being Ecological is all the rage. I sometimes feel tempted to put together a Traditionalist list of Things To Do To Save The Planet. Follows a ragbag of random thoughts ungrammatically dashed off in note form, and in no particular order, inviting comments and contributions.

Divorce/broken families mean that there are more households guzzling energy: Mrs Smith and the children in the house; Mr Smith in a flat somewhere. Outlaw divorce and tax punitively separation.

Fasting and Abstinence: much food is consumed today; much meat consumed (which means more cereals used growing meat). So: restore Pius V and Prayer Book rules on Lent, Fridays, Vigils.

The bathorshoweraday culture means the consumption of energy cleaning water and heating it. Chemicals used? Tax them; and also the chemicals produced to 'hydrate' the skin which the chemicals and the washing have dried out.

When I was in teaching I gathered that the women students washed their hair every morning ... and then again in the evening before setting out to socialise. Manufacture of chemicals? purifying water polluted by chemicals? Ecological consequences of the "You're worth it" culture? Tax the shampoos, and the chemicals which are advertised as repairing the damage the shampoos have caused, in the sort of punitive way nicotine is taxed? (What are 'conditioners'?)

Cut back the endless socialising of the urban young with its economic and ecological cost (and temptations to immodesty) by returning to a once-weekly outing with approved suitors ... and back by midnight.

Discontinue public funding and resources for unnatural medical and surgical interventions: plastic surgery; IVF; 'transgendering' ...


Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

Hear, hear!

Unknown said...

Think of all the emissions generated by the Popemobile. I feel sure that using the Sedia Gestatoria would be much more environmentally friendly.

Albertus said...

I agree full-heartedly with all your proposals, Father. To which i might add, that use of all plastics should be outlawed, except for medical and surgical use. For much noise today is made about climate change, which draws attention from a worse problem: the pollution of land, air and water. Climate change happens naturally and unavoidably: there is nothing that we can do to stop it. But we can do much to stop, and to turn back, the man-made pollution of earth. When i was younger, and lived in a different land than now, there were no plastic or paper sacks to be had at the ships, but one brought onoes own cloth bag along to shop with. Plastic cups, forks, plates and spoons are nowadays normal, and very polluting. But before one drank only from long-lasting bio-degradable glasses and cups, and when eating, used plates, forks, knives and spoons that lasted forever. So, ban the needless plastics and save the seas and sea-life from dying out!

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Male trads will be happier when they raise their own heirloom tomatoes (In Florida I grow them in huge wooden tubs in my back yard) especially Black Krims and make their own bread out of hard winter red wheat organic stone ground flour.

I can make really good 16th - 17th European style bread with organic stone gound flour that is free of the chemical destruction that kills what is naturally healthy in wheat.

It may not be bread fresh from Poilane in Paris but it is great bread begging to be slathered in butter.

Buying stoneground flour uying from organic farmers will mean you are supporting mostly family farmers which means they will be able to stay in the organic farming business which means the soil in your county, state and country will be much healthier.

In America, much of our soil is as depleted of healthy nutrients and obviously exhausted as are Biden, Schumer, McConnell and Pelosi.

Sprouting your own Black Krim seeds (Its not all that complicated to save your own seeds) ,then transplanting the baby tomato plants into small containers and then into larger wooden tubs is a reminder that our Creator God loves us. You simply can not sprout your own seeds and nurse them to harvest without thinking of God daily and invoking Saint Isidore or Saint Dorothy before starting the entire process is always good practice.

PH said...

That was very funny Lol.

About the shower stuff though... Come to Brazil and you'll see that 2 showers a day is for begginers

Colin Spinks said...

I find these sorts of suggestions leave the green lobby spluttering with rage, because whilst these suggestions make total sense, they do not fit the liberal socialist world view of most green campaigners. They become even more outraged at the thought of enterprising individuals making lots of money by producing energy in environmentally friendly ways, even though the "profit motive" has been proven over and over again to be the mother of invention.

coradcorloquitur said...

May I offer my own Fat Tuesday contribution to the march to ecological Nirvana? Eliminate---by canon law if necessary---all official papal travel outside Italy. Note I said "official," as I do not think the Holy Father should again be the "prisoner of the Vatican" or be denied the great blessing of freedom of movement and travel that the good Lord has given us and which Francis and his globalist chums have denied (in some cases tried to deny) millions with their alarmist health stratagems in their fascist quest for power and control.

John Vasc said...

B-b-b-but Father, outings with 'approved suitors' would of course call for chaperones or duennas, entailing extra places at the restaurant table, more expense, and a larger carbon footprint.