20 December 2021


Interesting. Fr Zed writes that a Responsum ad Dubium binds only those who have submitted the dubium.

We need to know such things.


Tom Broughton said...

I have a quick question: why is Rome so down on TLM? Is it just because they like telling people what to do? Please give a complete response: I am genuinely curious.

Albertus said...

The authentic Roman Rite is too Catholic and Orthodox for the tastes of Bergoglio and Company, wbho seek to establish a one-world-religion, a sort of spiritusl arm of the UN as nd of secular globalism. The ancient Rite, becoming ever more popular, clearly shows, by comparison, the doctrinal and liturgical defects and pastoral failures of the new rite, and is thus a hated thorn in the eyes of the present-day Vatican, and must be stamped out.

Joannes said...

In 1997 the CDWDS made this statement regarding the authority of its dubia responses:

"Although the solutions [responses] which are proposed do not have legislative power, they nevertheless assume an official character since they actually express the teaching and praxis of this Congregation." Notitiae 33 (1997), 138.

The important point- while they may have some authority, they do not have legislative power.

GOR said...

I suspect that the ‘dubia’ were manufactured within the Vatican establishment (read: CDW and Ab. Roche’s enablers…). They purport to be ‘honest queries’, but I don’t buy it. More likely they are designed to obfuscate the real origin of the further draconian clampdown (most likely, Pope Francis himself…).

For some time I have concluded that this Papacy is an aberration – certainly not unique in papal history, but a more recent iteration. Being brought up to respect the Pope (Pius XII was a hero of my mother’s and the Pope of my youth whom I admired), it goes hard for me to repudiate a pope.

But I repudiate this one. Francis is not ‘my Pope’. He has squandered any goodwill I felt at his election. I see him as a sad, irascible, vindictive figure who has dragged the papacy in the mud and done untold harm to the faithful. He may be the elected successor of St. Peter, but he is no St. Peter who repented of his denial of Jesus. Where is Pope Francis’ repentance? But that’s not my problem, of course.

Jim C. said...

I would add that in my perception PF is also a misfit. I was a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy in my earlier life and I had seen some small number of other officers who just plain did not fit in with the role of a leader. I can only wonder what PF's tenure was like as the Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Bernonensis said...

Good heavens, Unknown Sir or Madam, were there a thorn in my eye I would be loth to have it stamped upon!