18 December 2021


As I leaped out of bed this morning to say Lauds, my hand just happened accidentally to take up my 1874 Breviarium Romanum, so of course I found myself saying the Office of our Lady's Expectation. Dom Prosper Gueranger reveals that today was the original, first millennium, date in Spain for the Annunciation, which, after being superseded by the Roman date of March 25, survived there under the guise of the Expectation. It was granted by indult to very many dioceses throughout the world; and to England as a Greater Double.

 Question: when the old Calendare for England was replaced by a separate Calendare for each of its new Pio Nono dioceses, why did the Expectation disappear? 

The office consisted of bits of the Annunciation office with Advent Office Hymns. Incidentally, the gentlemen who put together the post-Conciliar Collectio Missarum recommended an Annunciation Mass today, December 18.

But I shall say the glorious old Ember Mass, even if it gives me back-ache. 

It always does ...


Paulus said...

What a convenient excuse to avoid saying the longest canticle!


prince Matecki said...

Dear Father,
the relevant congregation has put out a clarification on traditionis custodes, the clarification is available online in different languages (latin, english, german, italian, spanish...) here: