12 March 2021


Possibly, quite a few newer readers are not aware that, as a long-time policy, I decline to enable would-be comments which contain Sedevacantist propaganda. 

I am sorry if such would-be contributors have been puzzled by the non-appearance of their comments. Please accept this apology. I will offer the August Sacrifice for you early next week.

I hope that you will in future comment. You are at liberty to criticise the actions and words of the current regime in Rome, as long as you do not suggest that Bergoglio is not really pope.

Very unfortunately, he is.

(Mind you, I was a sedevacantist myself between February 28, 2013, and March 13, 2013.)

I would tentatively suggest that you might helpfully criticise comments which woundingly attack me for being insuffciently obedient to the nice old gentleman from Argentina! Simply remember that I am resolutely opposed to attempts to foment schism within or from the One Fold of the Redeemer.

Yes, these are bad times. I hope you have obtained copies of the Lamont book! There is an essay in it from me revealing the full depth of the Bergoglianist errors and blasphemies!!! And fantastic stuff from all the most competent critics of the Vatican clique! Help to spread the news of this important volume. It is introduced by Archbishop Vigano, than whom nobody knows better where the Bodies are Buried on the Seven Hills!

These are such very bad times that we need to stick together to resist the Evil One. If we attack each other, we are simply doing Satan's work.

God bless you.


Paul in Melbourne, Australia said...

Another elegant piece. Father. Your comment about being a former sedevacanist
was so funny. I am so sad that the faceless keyboard warrior cowards attack you. May God forgive them.

tradgardmastare said...

Good Morning Father,I wonder if you or your readers could recommend a Commentary on the Book of Acts?

Anonymous said...

I ask you Father an honest question without subterfuge, without malice etc. "Was the present vicar of Rome elected spiritually or democratically marketed and campaigned for by the St Galen group.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Tradgardmastare https://www.ecatholic2000.com/haydock/title.shtml#ACTS

William Tighe said...

"... an honest question without subterfuge, without malice etc ..."

The lady doth protest too much (and should also learnt to close her quotations).

John F. Kennedy said...

"..Bergoglianist errors and blasphemies" I would say that some are actual heresies. No Hell? Soul annihilation? Continuing in sin pleases the Father? Contradictions between the 10 Commandments? We could both go on and on with this list as it is a long list that began long before 2013.

So how many of these "things" does it take to fall from the Chair? Or are you saying it doesn't matter or simply that we just won't discuss it?

I want to thank so much for your writing and thinking on these matter of great importance!