20 March 2021

The German Vice (2)

 CNA reports the views of Bishop Philip Egan, ordinary of the geographical diocese in which I am domiciled. He he is an energetic, orthodox bishop, very popular among both clergy and laity.

Writing on his Twitter account, he says: "Rome should intervene in the German Synodal Way before it is too late. It's right to work through hot-button issues but at the same time Rome should reassert the doctrinal parameters ... The ultimate weapon of course would be for Rome to ask the German bishops to close it down. I am not sure they would heed this. Instead, it would be better for Rome to reassert clearly the doctrinal parameters, as in [the] CDF statement about same-sex unions. The pope himself needs to intervene by giving authoritative teaching: this is the role of the Petrine ministry. He should also summon the German bishops to Rome and lay down more clearly for them the appropriate methodology.".

Notice here the words Rome should ... Rome should ... better for Rome to ... the pope himself needs to ... authoritative teaching ... the role of the Petrine ministry ... he should ... .

Bishop Philip is manifestly calling for PF to do the things which it is his job to do and which, at least to appearances, he is not currently doing.

I have recently used S John Henry Newman's teaching about the Suspense of the Magisterium ... the period during the Arian Crisis when the pope and most of the bishops (without in any way losing their powers or status) failed to exercise their ministry of affirming Catholic Truth and refuting error. Bishop Philip does not use this terminology, and I am not trying to put into his mouth words which he has not used. But ... let me put it like this. 

What Bishop Egan is saying about the role of the the Petrine ministry, with the implication that PF should use it to do something which at the moment he is not doing, is precisely what I have been using my own different words (or, rather, S John Henry's words) to say.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Pope John 23rd kicked off Vatican Two by noting The Church has always opposed three errors. Frequently she has condemned them with the greatest severity. Nowadays, however, the Spouse of Christ prefers to make use of the medicine of mercy rather than severity. She considers that she meets no the present day by demonstrating the validity of her teaching rather than by condemnations. Not, certainly, that there is a a lack of fallacious teaching, opinions, and dangerous concepts to be guarded against and dissipated. But these are so obvious in contrast with the right norm of honesty, and have produced such lethal fruits, that by now it would seem that men of themselves are inclined to condemn them particularly those ways of life which despise God and His law...

ABS has received some correspondence from Professor Herman NuDix of Continuity College in Rome who is at pains to explain
that what happened at Vatican Two was not a rash rupture with the praxis of the past (despite the clear words of Pope John23rd) but a real continuity because "Well, look at it the way the lay theologian Ben Turpin looks at things and it might bring into focus the necessity of Mercy and who can say The Bishop Of Rome is not actualising mercy towards those whose novel ideas are not uninteresting and the Pope is just like all the other Bishops of Rome who were also Popes. So yes, continuity exists. Be at peace, ABS."

The Chief Shepherd does not seem concerned that local shepherds are wolves devouring the souls of the poor sheep.

Jesus said Feed my lambs, Feed my sheep. He did not say eat their souls.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Job 7 The life of man upon earth is a warfare, and his days are like the days of a hireling...

As Father Jean Gaume taught : " The effects of sin in regard to man are weakened but not destroyed by Redemption; this work will only consummated in heaven. Until we arrive there ,we shall have warfare; intellectual warfare, There must be heresies ; moral warfare it must needs be that scandal come ; physical warfare through many tribulations we must enter into the kingdom of God.

But our modern Popes and prelates have made a rupture with the past and they prefer to live in peace with the the world; they seek its approval; they seek to adapt its praxis to the practices of a new paganism; they have cast aside the praxis of Tradition and preach peace amongst all men but a peace that necessarily excludes both Jesus and His truth which ineluctably creates division and tension and sets Sons against Father and Daughters against Mother.

Truth divides. If Popes and Prelates will not Teach the truth; if Popes and Prelates will not Rule in favor of Truth; if Popes and Prelates wil not sanctity their flocks in Truth then they are salt that has lost its savour and will be trodden under the feet of the very men they seek to please and serve.

Pope Paul VI publicly told the Priests if Rome he could apply discipline but he preferred to be loved. He said that after a speech as Pope during Vatican Two that he and the fathers of the Council were the holiest Catholics ever and who loved Jesus more than any Catholics who had come before them.

Personal arrogance combined with an accommodation to our ancient and permanent enemy, the world, and The Bishop of Rome's model of a Papcy is that of Paul VI; Gee, can't understand why that isn't working out for us Catholics.

Peter said...

I wish people would not address clergy familiarly by their first name Father Hunwicke.

Stephen said...

I've read that, in eons past, our forefathers in faith would on rare occasion take it upon themselves to make an example of wayward, stubborn clerics and bishops by stoning them. Urban legend? Or, if true, when did we lay men give up such a useful tool of charity?

PM said...

Is Egan for Westminster too much to hope for?

Victor said...

I am not sure I agree. Fr Hunwicke and Bishop Egan both being clergy, maybe other rules apply here - disregarding the fact that His Grace calls himself "Bishop Philip" on his diocese's Website...