18 March 2021

Further thoughts about private Masses in S Peter's in Rome

I recently made another attempt to give further mileage to S John Henry Newman's thesis about the current Suspense in the function of the Petrine Magisterium.

Since the Stato, the bailiwick of Cardinal Parolin, has now constructively declared that the mandates of Vatican II are inoperative, perhaps a similar analysis can be thought to apply to the whole conciliar construct. This must be at least an opinio probabilis.

And there must be a practical ... are we not all practical men? ... solution to the problems at S Peter's. I quote from Bishop Tissier's fine Biography of Marcel Lefebvre:

" ... on February 27, 1977, a crowd of Catholics summoned to the Maubert Mutualite Lecture Hall by Fr Coache and Mgr Ducaud-Bourget, processed into the nearby church of S Nicolas du Chardonnet, sang a traditional Solemn High Mass ... and stayed there." 

For all I know ... I very rarely get to France ... they may even still be holding out there!!!

Is there not something fine, manly and sinewy about this resolute action? Is this not the truly orthodox way to cut through the Gordian Knot on the Vatican Hill?

Vincula Sancti Petri iterum rumpenda! 



Pelerin said...

St Nicolas du Chardonnet is referred to as the longest sit-in in France! They are still there although probably not many of the original occupiers.

Peter said...

Are the paragraphs numbered here 94 - 96 particularly relevant here?
The suspicion arises that private Masses are to be made increasingly rare so that no explanation for their suppression need be given.

Matthew said...

They (or their successors) are indeed still there -- one of the unexpected benefits of the secular state's take-over of France's older parish churches. See https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGNiUjfJu2KOf71MKz86z7A; one would have to be utterly without feeling not to be moved by the splendour of the liturgy there.

wonastow said...


Daily Mass stream.

Christophorus said...

S Nicolas du Chardonnet is still being run by SSPX. This is despite contrary decisions by the French Courts and the Archdiocese of Paris.

see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet

Unknown said...

They are still there!

coradcorloquitur said...

They are still there, offering the Holy Sacrifice in great splendor (especially the high mass at 10 AM, at least the two times I was there many years ago). On one of those occasions I had the joy and privilege of hearing a sermon by the most picturesque and erudite Monsigneur Ducaud-Bourget. He was a recognized poet, splendid preacher, and a priest of sterling, manly character from all I have read and heard. If you go, get there early, before the previous mass ends (there are about eight or nine on Sunday) as the rather large church will be packed (with large numbers of young people) long before the High Mass begins. Let the octogenarian standard bearers of the Novus Ordo get there as well if they want to witness the full-throated, intelligent participation of the congregation singing the parts that belong to them and the hymns, as the Church before the Council repeatedly directed should be nurtured in Catholic congregations. Simply soul-stirring---except for those who hate music and majesty in God's worship.