14 March 2021

Dear "Maureen Lash"

I don't think I have ever met such an extraordinary Comment on my Blog. You seem to be accusing me of being a mendacious fantasist. 

I was matriculated in the Michaelmas Term of 1960. Being a Scholar, "on the Foundation of my College", I was entitled to two years living in College. During those two years, I went, every weekday morning before breakfast, along Broad Street to Mags. (From Michaelmas 1962 I was in digs up Divinity Road, and each morning went to the rather nearer S Alban the Martyr.)

"I understand" (to use your own terminology) that you are a rather ... er ... sui generis sort of person.  I don't want to seem cruel, but I can't help wondering whether you really are a happy jolly laughing fun-loving member of this 'Blog Community'. Would your Internet time not be better spent elsewhere ... somewhere ... anywhere ... on the Internet? I'm sure Eccles would love to have you.

I am thinking only of your happiness.

In the deathless words of the mighty Cardinal Tobin:

"Nighty night, Baby. I love you."


motuproprio said...

Fr Mascall was appointed to his KCL professorship in 1962. As a young Anglican neopresbyter I had the privilege of having the by then retired Dr Mascall supervise my studies. I can confirm every word that Fr Hunwicke has written about this fine theologian whose Neo-Thomism is one of the gifts that Anglican Patrimony has brought to Rome through the Ordinariates.

Unknown said...

Anonymity, like commenting on blogs or driving a vehicle, has not improved our human condition. Society is far uglier than it was 20 years ago, and I'm certain one of the reasons is social media. I have laughingly called it a tool of the devil, many times. I often meant it due to technology's glitches and built-in frustrations, but it really is because there is something diabolical about what is happening to human beings when we use it. Satan has found an easy in-road.
God bless you Fr. Hunwicke, and all good priests. Yesterday my confessor sat alone and two of us showed up to give him a reason to be there. What good priests give us is simply incalculable. Thank you for your part in bringing souls to heaven. God bless you and all good priests and be with you always.

coradcorloquitur said...

Having been on one occasion the object of Miss Lash's joyless wrath (I think it was over my stating the truth about another joyless liberal: Mr. Joe Biden), I can attest to the fact that the lady is deliciously well surnamed.

Colin Spinks said...

Having read the offending comment, I grow more and more affronted on your behalf Father, particularly the thinly veiled insinuation that 'he [Mascall] was [not] quite the person you seem to wish him to have been.' Still, you might take comfort from the fact that she cannot believe you are as old as you are!

John F. Kennedy said...

"I'm sure Eccles would love to have you."

You are cruel...funny, but cruel.