28 August 2020

Only for happily married couples

"Like most happily married couples, they lived in a state of perpetual propaganda at each other's expense."

Who wrote this?

Is it true? (If responding, please state your gender or, as the case may be, your sex.)


tpfr2 said...

Hello. It's Ronald Knox in "Double Cross Purposes", one of his crime novels, but I can't really speak for the truthfulness. I'm male, by the way.

John said...

No idea who wrote the sentence. I don't think I agree with it. But it's possible -- um, likely -- oh, all right, almost certain that I don't understand it.

And I am male, which I suppose explains everything to a great many people.

E sapelion said...

I have never observed it, though perhaps I am not that observant.

eulogos said...

Well, it comes to be good natured propaganda, almost inside jokes in front of other people. Female, age 70, married 50 years as of this past June 11.