31 August 2020

Diminished Pigmentation

As I made a Commemoration this morning of S Raymond the Unborn, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a sense of confusion. How on earth is one to virtue-signal one's political-correctness when confronted by mutually exclusive pointers?

S Raymond (men) worked for the liberation of slaves. That ought to make him a favourite and hero of the  agalmatophobic zealots who are cleansing our public places of memorials honouring slave-trade profiteers.

S Raymond (de) was liberating slaves from Moslems ... who are referred to as Impii in today's collect. Ever since S Paul VI so gloriously surrendered the Lepanto banners to the Turk, and Vatican II made its questionable remarks about the Islamic religion, this sort of language has been off-limits, surely, among woke prelates? But, surely, slavers are, by definition, impii?

Furthermore, the slaves whom S Raymond was liberating probably, as a generalisation, may have had diminished pigmentation compared with the melanic enhancement (again, I take the risk of generalising) of their enslavers. How does that fit in with a dogmatic "***** Lives Matter" ideology?

Can linguistically advanced readers offer me any guidance on how to be more politically-correct? And how, in a fallen world, to avoid split-infinitives and excessive use of the hyphen?


Post Scriptum:
A week or two ago, I saw a video clip of some pigmentation-depleted young people being arrested in North America for chalking on a pavement something like "Preborn Black Lives Matter". Has that 'story' yet had a denouement?


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. When it comes to racism one does well to remember the "law of infinitesimals" from Homeopathy. That is the "law" that claims the virtual absence of a substance in water makes the effect of the water puissant in the cure of the targeted disease.

In America there is no systemic racism - None, Nada, Zip, Zero - and so the "law of infinitesimals" is important to remember in trying to suss out what'n'hell the blacks are on about.

The lack of systemic racism has resulted in an increasing hatred of whites by blacks and many whites (Not ABS) are pulling their hair out trying desperately to figure out how to get blacks to like them - it is not enough to act like a Christian because whites are guilty of racism because, well just because.

If whites ever were made aware (One will not see this referenced at The Beeb or in the American media) of the astronomical transfer of wealth from whites to blacks, then there'd be much more unrest.


Jhayes said...

Regarding "pigmentation-depleted" in the Post Scriptum, a Swedish scientist friend customarily referred to himself and others as "we melanin-deficient people" to make the point that our distant ancestors all had dark skin.

frjustin said...

To avoid ageism and polysyllabification, "pigmentation-depleted young people" might be referred to as "persons of pallor".