10 June 2020

Even Woker?


             BLACK LIVES



Tom Broughton said...

Is this a joke? ALL lives matter! The Black Lives Matter group is just an updated version of the Black Panthers. Fifty years ago, the Black Panthers were all over the news, calling for violent overthrow of the United States. Now, eventually, the FBI and police got a number of their leaders for violent crimes, but the Black Panthers were very clear about what they wanted. So the Black Panthers were this radical Marxist group that was calling for a violent overthrow of the United States. Right now, they're reconstituted under Black Lives Matter. There's no difference than what Black Lives Matter wants and the Black Panther movement. None. So let me give you a quote from the Black Lives Matter crew in Chicago. Chicago chapter. All right. Here it is, "We work to end state violence and criminalization of black communities by deconstructing white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy." That's the same thing the Black Panthers did. Same thing. OK. So now you're saying, all right, we got Black Lives Matter wants to blow up America and the media loves them, not only the media, corporate America is putting up money, Air BnB, five hundred thousand. Tom's shoes, ahundred thousand. Spanx, a hundred thousand. Corporate America given them money, and who gives them the most money? George Soros, the radical leftist who wants to destroy this country has given Black Lives Matter 33 million dollars.

In Chicago, since 2015, two thousand five hundred African-Americans have been murdered. Twenty five hundred African-Americans dead in the streets, including one this weekend who was an 18-year-old boy just standing there with his girlfriend, shot dead. Has Black Lives Matter said one word about that? No. Have there been any protests about it? No. Any city council calling for anything? No. Black Lives Matter, not in Chicago, don't seem to. Why? Maybe it's because 90 percent of the killers, the shootists, are black. So this thing is a masquerade, this whole Black Lives Matter deal, this is a fraud being perpetuated. They don't care about black lives. If they did, they'd be screaming in Chicago and something should be done in Chicago. Unbelievable. You want racism? That's racism.

Simon Cotton said...

Especially when the abortion rate among black American women is reportedly five times that among white women. This is admitted even by pro-abortion advocates, see

Frederick Jones said...

Quite . All unborn lives matter.