20 June 2020

Additions to the Litany of our Lady

Tally Ho! When I'm Pope, I shall add

Haeresium Interemptrix, ora pro nobis.

But why do I have to wait that long ...


bedwere said...

The next one is more likely to be Cūrātrix vitārum nigrārum. And I have evidence for that here and here.

Victor said...

Why not just pick Notre-Dame-d'Afrique a.k.a."Regina Africae/Africanorum"?

Joshua said...

Dear Fr Hunwicke,

Surely our most holy lord the Pope tacitly intends for us to anticipate his secret wishes and add four more titles to the Litany of Our Lady (as detailed below), and for the following reasons:

1. The first three invocations begin Sancta;
2. The next fourteen, including two of the newly-inserted ones, begin Mater;
3. Then there are two groups of twelve invocations:
a. Six beginning Virgo, three ending -tiæ, and three beginning Vas;
b. Seven assorted invocations representing Our Lady under divers symbols, and five, including a new one, each ending -orum or -ium, representing her as protectress of various groups of the faithful;
4. Finally - at the present moment - thirteen invocations beginning Regina.

Now, anyone with a brain will at once perceive that symmetry (doubtlessly an Argentinian passion - who would have thought it?) requires the addition of a fourteenth invocation beginning Regina to the 4th group, and then appending a 5th group, paralleling the 1st, of three invocations, which holy wordplay suggests should each end in -trix.

My deductions, based on the Most Holy Father's artfully-propagandised clues, are that what we should hasten to add, as faithful Catholic children, in anticipation of his further revelations (or apocalyptic manifestations), are the following:

Regina mundi, ora pro nobis.
[Since Our Lady is queen of heaven, into which she was assumed, and Queen of the family, and Queen of peace, she must be Queen of the world; it would be vulgar in the extreme to call her Queen of hearts, a pretended title of a once-famous female.]

Advocatrix nostra, ora pro nobis.
[His Holiness has already added Mater misericordiæ, evidently taken from the Salve Regina, implying this title ought be used as well; my choice of the mediæval Latin variant of the expected Advocata makes it better parallel the remaining pair of invocations, and has Dominican precedents.]

Mediatrix omnium gratiarum, ora pro nobis.
[Our Lady brought forth Emmanuel, God-made-Man, and thus in the Person of her Son, the Author of Grace, has mediated all grace to the world, as she has ever since, for Our Lord when dying on the Cross made her the mother of all of us, and we all of us her children, in the order of grace.]

Interemptrix cunctarum hæresium, ora pro nobis.
[As all men know, the present Roman Pontiff has provided ample motivation for the faithful to invoke Our Lady under this most pertinent title.]

Please, Fr Hunwicke, do your utmost to propagate these titles of true devotion. Roma locuta est!