6 April 2020

Best wishes and prayers ...

... to and for all my friends in the US of A at this terrible time. And particular good wishes to friends ... friends I know and friends I don't know ... not least, 'Gardone' friends ... in and around  New York, which has been much on our tv screems in these recent days.

And all the good friends I have made ... 'Anglican Use' friends ... in the Lone Star State. Perhaps you might remember me to our Lady of Candellaria, our Lady of the Atonement.

And those throughout the world with whom I have been in touch , or who have thought either well or ill of me as they have read what I have written.

And my fellow Countrymen; including my fathers and brothers and sisters in the Ordinariate or whom I may have served in the cause of Tradition.

Naturally, one becomes aware that at any moment one could, oneself, be struck down. Nine tenths of those dying in Britain of the Coronavirus Plague are above the age of 60! Should this happen to me, I ask the charity of your prayers, and ... of all my brother priests ... the charity of the August Sacrifice.

If God wills, I will offer Mass tomorrow for all of you.

Post Scriptum: if you should chance to hear of my demise or incapacity, please do not stop reading this blog. You see, I do keep a bit ahead of the Calendar with drafted blogposts in case I am on some particular day too busy or preoccupied to write something, so it might even appear that I am addressing you from beyond the grave. Spooky, yes??


Matthew F Kluk said...

Please stay safe and well Father. We need you yet. Thank you for offering the Holy Mass for all of us friends known and unknown.

Matthew F Kluk said...

If you keep publishing for awhile from beyond, we truly could refer to you as a Ghostly Father!

Tamsin said...

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

tradgardmastare said...

God bless you Father, thank you for your words and prayers.

tradgardmastare said...

“Pray for me, as I will for thee, that we may merrily meet in heaven.”

Banshee said...

We are praying for you, too. But the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin cocktail, and new treatments like invermectin, should make a big difference.

And apparently little Prince Archie is actually Christian-named for the Last Gospel, although in a weird way. This makes his name a male parallel to a popular US baby name for girls, Genesis.

GOR said...

And to you, Father, prayers and best wishes! We're in the same boat, age-wise, so the inevitable is always before us - which is not a bad thing. God's will be done!

Joshua said...

The world could survive more easily without the sun than without the Mass – so God grant you many years, faithful servant of the Altar!

Living daily in the fear of death has done wonders for my commitment to prayer and the life of grace: the Lord grant the graces of conversion, of perseverance, and of final perseverance to all.

Do not send to know for whom the bell tolls... (Patrimony?)

Marc in Eugene said...

Many thanks for your priestly ministry and the classical and theological erudition you employ in it, and for your prayers. In spite of so much ugliness in the world, it is a beautiful day in Spring in Oregon, and a few score of the faithful in this locality will be able to have access to the rites of Holy Week and the Triduum through the ministry of priests of the SSPX, the archdiocese keeping the doors of its churches closed, alas. I'd join them if I felt I could (the permitted number of places must be filled by their own parishioners of course).

Dan Hayes said...

Father, I sincerely hope that you are not having your premonition of death!

MichelleMidwestDumVitaSpes said...

Dear Fr. Hunwicke,

Pax Christi. We are praying that this finds you well.

Please pardon me for presuming to add to Suburbanbanshee's suggestion, in case that you should find yourself stricken by COVID-19.

I recommend to your attention the case of the NYC Physician who had a number of elderly patients afflicted with COVID-19 and in need of medication.

The Hydroxychloroquine-Azythromycin'cocktail'/combo is very popular, but Azithromycin can cause arrhythmia, so the NYC Physician substituted Doxycycline for Azithromycin.


Another medication might be appropriate for you if you catch COVID-19, and it might be available in your area --Remdesivir. If it is not available near your home, it might be available to you under their "Compassionate Use" program.

Remdesivir studies launched by Gilead in UK for Covid-19

Thank you very much, Fr. Hunwicke, for your prayers, Holy Masses, research, splendid teaching and writings,charity,courage, and wisdom. My words of gratitude are quite inadequate. We entrust you to Our Lady.

Very Respectfully, in Christ

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Keep a stiff upper lip and turn a deaf ear to the panic mongering.

If more men were masculine and simply went about their lives with prudential caution - and kept assisting at Mass at a SSPX parish, one would be serving both God and man.

What is ultimately important in a time of an infectious virus is learning to ignore, and mock, the Herd Stupidity of the putative medical experts, the politicians, and the media, whose commands did not exist when the morbidity and mortality rates were higher during previous flu seasons.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Because ABS knows his response to this pandemic irks others, he has rewritten the Our Father for the faithful followers of the establishment:

Our Fauci who art in DC hallowed be thy name, thy Presser comes they will be done in Texas as it is in D.C. Give us this day our daily briefing and forgive us our outside activities as you warn us against them but deliver us from liberty.