10 March 2020

Rededication of England to our Lady

To help to keep us all in the right mood, I offer a few lines from the original Walsingham Pilgrimage hymn, composed, I think, in 1926 by Sir William Milner (replaced later by Fr Colin Stephenson's composition which, however, did retain these stanzas).

Till at last, when full measure of penance was poured,
In her home see the honour of Mary restored:
          Ave ....

Again 'neath her image the tapers shine fairt,
In her children's endeavours past wrongs to repair.
          Ave ...

Again in her home her due honour is taught:
Her name is invoked, her fair graces besought:
          Ave ...


grams ramblings said...

Lovely. Thank you
I'm so happy that England is being rededicated to our Mother Mary.


Liam Ronan said...

If I might ask a question, Father? Does the Ordinariate celebrate a Mass dedicated to the Compassion of Mary on the Friday preceding Good Friday? If, so would it fall on April 3rd this year? Just curious.