8 March 2020

International Women's Day

Oh dear. It is a terrible obligation to feel that has to spend 24 hours oppressing women, since the message being sent out is that this is what every other male is doing. Where can a retiring shy chap like me find oppressible women? How does one distinguish them from normal women?


bedwere said...

Indeed, Father, it's no joke to find a princess or a female presidential candidate to oppress!

Stephen Barber said...

Many women, in this country and across the world, are very badly treated, usually by men. It is not a suitable matter to make a joke about.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Sky News managed to find a woman who had been killed in Central America or thereabouts just for being a woman. No doubt tragic but what about the unborn girls in the UK who are seemingly legitimately killed for just being girls? Something about a beam in one's eye?

John Nolan said...

Fr Z has a couple of video clips showing women in Mexico celebrating their 'international day' by attacking and vandalizing Catholic churches, screaming demonically.

Radio 3, as usual, had a day featuring only women composers. The first time they did this was in the mid-1970s and they barely managed to get beyond lunchtime. There is now a plethora of recordings.

Yet the question remains - there are many very competent women composers, often more valued in their day than now. Yet how many cross the enormous divide between competence and genius? I would suggest none. Clara Schumann is no Robert, and Fanny Mendelssohn, despite her talents, is no Felix.

Anyway, we blokes can take heart. The fair sex can have their UN-sponsored day every year, and we'll have the other 364.