12 March 2020

Top University

A week or so ago, some website indicated which universities worldwide are 'top' in various subects. The Times reported that Oxford came top in eight faculties. That's nice, isn't it? It will give Mr Orator something to make a joke about at Encaenia in June when he delivers his Creweian Oration.

Unsurprisingly, Classics is one of the eight. But 'Natural Philosophy' does not exactly dominate the rest of the list, which may be the reason why the University's PR persons are being a bit reticent about publicising what precisely the eight subjects are ... although they do make clear that the Daughter University has not done nearly as well.

I am sorry to have to tell you that Theology is not one of the eight.

I wonder what the Master of Lazarus, the mighty Dr Gwynne, would have said to Archdeacon Grantley about that.

Or, indeed, Dr Pusey to Mr Keble.

I once used to have that Mr Arabin in the back of my cab ...


Frederick Jones said...

As Hathaway in "Lewis" once commented "Not bad for the country's second best university".

John Nolan said...

Not long ago it was the third university, not the first two, which boasted the best history department. I'm not biased, of course, being BA (Hons) Dunelm. Modern History, of course.