6 March 2019

Another Triumph of Clericalism

The Beeb tells us that the Chinese Government has assured its Parliament that there will be "tighter control over Religion".

So that's all right, then. Coming immediately after Parolin's insistence on the Vatican/Peking Accord, it shows a reassuringly common mind between these two sets of benign and thoughtful apparatchiks.

Thank Goodness that Bergoglian Rome is so much more cunning than the Chinamen. Otherwise, wherever would we be?

Three cheers for the even-more-than-Ostpolitik.


Unknown said...

The failed Ostpolitik of yesteryear is back with us, in lockstep with the primitive secular leftism of Bergoglio's Vatican. It's been clear for some time now that today's Vatican apparatchiks have no capacity for shame, but the truly startling thing about them is their colossal oafishness. They make no effort to disguise their malice.

Ademar said...


As a late-middle-aged child of World War II refugees from Ukraine, I see the parallels between the oppression of the Chinese true Catholics under Xi Jinping nowadays and what the Ukrainian Catholics had to endure in occupied Ukraine under Stalin and onward.

The major differences between the two, however, are:
-- that the Chicoms have advanced surveillance technology at their disposal that uncle Joe could only dream about;
-- the persecution in Ukraine was largely inflicted by an ethnically foreign occupying Communist government that was operating within a country (Russia) of longstanding Christian culture, while the Chinese oppression is Chinese upon their own ethnic group in the context of a country with a longstanding pagan culture.

However, the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church! The Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph! +

Pulex said...

And the third difference (beside the two noted by Ademar) is that Soviet Union did not have any concordate with Holy See, so the persecution was inflicted by the Soviets unilaterally and the Church just had to live with it. In China, the authorities now can "sell" the persecution as having signature and blessing of Vatican.