20 March 2019

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The reason why some submitted comments have not been enabled is that I do not enable comments which say or suggest that our Holy Father Pope Francis is not Pope.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. The sedevacantists are the scared scattered sheep identified in the Prayer to St Michael:

...Behold, this primeval enemy and slayer of men has taken courage. Transformed into an angel of light, he wanders about with all the multitude of wicked spirits, invading the earth in order to blot out the name of God and of His Christ, to seize upon, slay and cast into eternal perdition souls destined for the crown of eternal glory. This wicked dragon pours out, as a most impure flood, the venom of his malice on men; his depraved mind, corrupt heart, his spirit of lying, impiety, blasphemy, his pestilential breath of impurity and of every vice and iniquity. These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the Spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered...

It helps to remember that the enemies of The Catholic Church roar when they attack but mewl when responded to by a faithful Catholic. The repeated raising of this heretical and schismatic claim has sharpened the response of the faithful which shows how absurd the schismatic heresy is:

An Introduction to Sedevacantist Errors

       As was mentioned previously, the error of Sedevacantism (the belief that the recent Popes have not been true Popes)[56] quickly leads to a loss of faith in the Church itself. It ends by denying that the Catholic Church of today is, in fact, the same Catholic Church that existed before the election of John XXIII in 1958. Sedevacantists claim that the Church after 1958 not only lacks true Popes, but also lacks the attributes that the true Church will always possess – namely, visibility, indefectibility and infallibility. But if the Church from 1958 onward (“the Vatican II Church”[57]) does not possess these three attributes, then they must exist in another Church, since the true Church (which itself will always exist), will always possess them. But in what Church do they exist? In what visible social unit are they to be found? And where is that visible Church, exactly? That is the question the Sedevacantists cannot answer.

       Because the Sedevacantist sects do not possess these attributes, they cannot be considered “the Church,” as some of them imagine themselves to be. And if they cannot point to a visible society that does possess these attributes (and they can’t), it means the Church, as founded by Christ, no longer exists - but this would mean that the indefectible Church has defected, which is not possible.

       Donald Sanborn, a Sedevacantist bishop, recognized this difficulty with the Sedevacantist thesis. In his article “Resistance and Indefectibility,” he correctly frames the issue when he writes: “At the root of nearly all of the disputes is the question of the Church. Where is the Church?”[58] After asking again, “where is the visible Church?,” Sanborn responds by saying “It is realized in those who publicly adhere to the Catholic Faith, and who at the same time look forward to the election of a Roman Pontiff.”[59]

       Notice what the bishop just did. He reduced the Church to the Protestant concept of a loose association of individuals who profess the true faith, yet who are not united under a divinely established hierarchy. This is what he erroneously calls the “visible Church.” This is essentially the same notion of the “visible Church” professed by Protestantism. For example, the Protestant Westminster Confession says:

The visible Church, which is also called Catholic or universal under the gospel, consists of all those throughout the world who profess the true religion, and their children.[60]


Islam_Is_Islam said...

All well and good to moderate in accord with your standards. I am glad that you at least read the comments before you delete them otherwise how can you know what they contain?