17 September 2018

The Depths

In Saturday's Times, Mgr Roderick Strange, formerly Rector of the Beda, wrote:

"And it may be that even now the depths have not been plumbed, as allegations seek to compromise Pope Francis".

I wonder what he knows ... Mr Henry Sire's latest article at Onepeterfive about Cardinal Bergoglio's years in Argentina is most disturbing.

I will be reprinting in a few minutes a piece I wrote about six months ago when I was worried about PF's mental health. Frankly, and particularly in view of his habitual mendacity and buck-passing, I increasingly incline to fear that PF's problem is moral rather than psychiatric.

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Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Agreed. He does appear to know what he is doing and one thing he has been doing is acting as the mid-wife to the Church of the Poor and the Church of the wealthy.

The Church of the Poor is one in which there is a poverty of clear Dogmatic and Doctrinal preaching and a poverty of sensible natural law proposals.

The Church of the Wealthy is one in which there is a wealth of confusion and heterodoxy being preached and actualised; A Church where there are a wealth of words and praxis that succor Indifferentism; A Church where there has been a wealthy and inexhaustible supply of bilious bricks with which to brain the faithful.

Invisibilium within the hierarchy is that Prelate whose puissant possession of Tradition is such that it could be applied as a force against Our Inertia Into Indifferentism.