5 September 2018

Bishop Lopes

The Catholic Herald reports a fine homily by Bishop Stephen Lopes, Ordinary of the American Ordinariate, upon the Vigano controversy. (Readers will remember the robust statement, drawing extensively upon authentically Anglican tradition, which his Lordship put out after Amoris laetitia).

I can only speak for myself when I say how gratified I am that Bishop Stephen is again manifestly within the Catholic Anglican tradition of speaking the Truth, even at times when High Authority does not wish to hear it. This is one of the things which Anglican Patrimony means.

He also explains (as I have done on this blog) that the recent change to the Catechism on the question of Capital Punishment is not formally heretical because it does not describe Capital Punishment as intrinsece malum.

Readers may care to recall that, because of his ten years in the service of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Bishop Lopes is well situated to know what the mice were whispering behind the panelling of the Palace of the Holy Office during some of the years to which Archbishop Vigano's narrative refers.


Feed Room Five said...

There is one reason that I am finally a Catholic: the help of Bishop Lopes and his Vicar General, Fr. Perkins. I shall ever be grateful to the Ordinariate for this help. My advice to Anglicans seeking to join the Catholic Church is to go through the Ordinariate. My experience is that many Catholic clergy are not particularly interested in Anglicans joining the Church. They never could remember my name, which is probably good for my humility, but is not exactly encouraging to converts.

A Daughter of Mary said...

Father, I've forgotten if you allow links or not. I'll take a chance and put this link up to a book which explains in detail how the propaganda machine, run by homosexuals, taught us all to embrace their psychological illness as a God-blessed orientation.


Any student of propaganda will see here a classic strategy that has worked to convince us that evil is good.

Christoph Hagen said...

Btw September, 5th was the 175. birthday of Dom Anselm Schott OSB. For those who are able to read and understand German, please have a look at: https://www.thecathwalk.de/2018/09/05/das-messbuch-der-heiligen-kirche-und-seine-vorlaeufer-notizen-zum-175-geburtstag-von-pater-anselm-schott-osb/