12 September 2018

Archbishop Gaenswein

I think it would be a genre error to try to read the Archbishop's fine lecture in the hope of discovering coded cricisms of the current regime. I think his intention is to point us back to the Magisterial documents of Benedict XVI, on the understanding that Pope Benedict had very accurately discerned the signs of the times, both with regard to the Church and the World.

In the current crisis, it is by drinking again from the wisdom of Papa Ratzinger that we shall equip ourselves for the future. This is bang on.

I suppose there is an implication here that we may not get much help or encouragement from documents of this pontificate; and perhaps PF might not feel that G is terribly on-message. But G is, I feel sure, laying down some directional pointers by showing where the resources are which will help us forward beyond the present pontificate. And this is precisely what we need.

I believe we should take the lecture very seriously, particuarly the quotations from Benedict.


Rick said...

It would be most helpful if you were to provide a reference for those of us who are not aware of this lecture. Thank you.

William Tighe said...

Here is the full text of the archbishop's lecture:


Gil Garza said...


Woody said...

The complete text of Abp Gaenswein’s remarks are included at the end of Dreher’s account.

rohrbachs said...

Who is ganswein? Why does he get credibility when he is on Francis payroll.