2 December 2017

'The Dictator Pope' ... the latest

It appears that some spoiling is going on in order to blunt the impact of this important book. I urge readers to react accordingly. (It appears on Monday in English and can be prebooked.)

No passaran!


Capt. Morgan said...

I have mine pre ordered on Kindle, looking forward to reading. Have a Blessed Advent Father.

Anonymous said...

Father, I very much hope you feel able to comment on the apparent elevation into an official "Apostolic Letter" of PF's response to some Argentine bishops regarding the 'proper' interpretation of Amoris Laetitia. This does now look like the formal promulgation of a teaching which contradicts or at least substantially changes that of St. JPII and every other predecessor, rather than just a pastoral fudge, which it has been up to now. Can there be an more "dubia"? Is the possibility of communion for some people who are not in valid marriages and not living chastely basically a disciplinary matter which could be undone by a future pope, or does publication of this text as an official Act of the Apostolic See have unavoidable doctrinal implications. Can a personal letter from a pope retrospectively become an official magisterial document like that, in any case? If so, where does this leave us with regard to the status of this pope? Does this letter now demand that 'religious assent' which is due to the Ordinary Magisterium? What does that actually mean in practice? And what about the wider implications for the integrity of the Holy See? Surely the bishops and Cardinals must now speak and act clearly? These are becoming very real perplexities with the gravest of consequences for all Catholics.