2 December 2017

Pope Francis

I think the current Roman pontiff deserves great credit for uttering the R-word, after meeting some of the Burmese refugees in Bengal. I write this in complete sincerity and without irony.

I also applaud him for his recent words about the policy of nuclear deterrence. He thus aligned himself with the judgement on this matter of the late, great, Cardinal Ottaviani, the greatest of the Council Fathers, a living martyr for Tradition during the dark days of the 1960s; as well as of Finnis, Grisez, and other more modern very seriously competent and Traditionalist Catholic moralists.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Cardinal Ottaviani, the greatest of the Council Fathers, a living martyr for Tradition during the dark days of the 1960s

AMEN, and thank you Father.

Many soi disant trads react with shock and/or denial when they are learnt that the great Roman was calling for an Ecumenical Council years before it happened. He was very aware of serious problems that required the Church's attention, response, and correction

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Prof. Mattei, The Second Vatican Council (an unwritten story) pp, 95, 96 observes that he and Cardinal Ruffini were both in favor of V2, and when the great Roman broached the idea with Pope Pius XII on March, 4, 1948, he saw it as a necessary to address matters as serious, substantial, and as numerous and as that which was addressed by Trent.

He received no reply from the Pope and then he became the head of a commission to study it on March 15, 1948 because, as the Traditional Roman giant averred: ...the need to clarify and define several doctrinal points, given the heap of errors that are becoming widespread in philosophical and theological, moral and social matters

After the election of Pope John 23rd, Ottaviani and Ruffini went to his cell at the conclave and suggested he convene V2.

Many Trads seem to be of the impression V2 had no justification for being called - but, there is a world of difference between the necessity of that Council and how it proceeded once the revolutionaries gained control.

umblepie said...

It is refreshing and encouraging to read praise for the words of Pope Francis on these matters. Thanks for this post Father.

Sadie Vacantist said...

"March 15 1948" - this Council was prompted by the occupation of Italy and was payback for the debt relief gained by Di Gasperi. The movers and shakers at the council were all from occupied countries. In some cases the countries had been bombed to bits. 100,000 women in Berlin alone had already been raped by "March 15 1948". Traditionalists want it both ways: WWII victory at any cost and the Latin Mass. God's Holy Spirit, in his infinite wisdom, has ordained otherwise. Praise the Lord!