8 December 2017

Litany to a Lady ...

Stella orientalis,
Fulgidum lumen,
Libertatis propugnatrix invicta,
Exemplum fortitudinis,

... no; good guess; but you're wrong. This is not a recently discovered fragment of a medieval Litany to the Theotokos. Just some of the phrases lavished in this University by Mr Orator Jenkyns and my lord Chancellor upon Aung San Suu Kyi on the emotionally highly wrought occasion when she received the degree of Doctor of Civil Law honoris causa in 2012.

She seems to have been less than successful in teaching Civil Law to her own military. So here is my proposal for succouring the Burmese refugees who have fled to Bengal. Let every institution which has showered honours on Aung San Suu Kyi, from the exquisite heights of Oxford University all the way right down to those risible idiots the Nobel Peace Prize Trustees, chip in with, say, £5 million each.

As a penance for infringing the prerogatives of the Mother of God.


El Codo said...
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Nicolas Bellord said...

El Codo: That is a gross libel and utterly untrue. She was faced with terrible dilemmas which few of us have to face.

As to the Burmese military Aung San Suu Kyi has no control of the military. Her position has always been tenuous. She has to be very careful not to antagonise the military by criticising the military publicly which might well lead to her removal and all the things she has achieved being undone. Just remember that her closest Muslim adviser was shot dead in the airport a few weeks ago. Other advisers are in hospital and she is very much alone. She might well suffer a similar fate. Speaking out is not always the best answer to evil as Pope Pius explained in respect of the holocaust.

I find it strange that there is no mention of other ethnic minorities in Burma who are Christian and Catholic who still suffer from the brutality of the Burmese army until recently trained in our country and armed by European nations such as Germany. But then Christians as opposed to Muslims are not flavour of the month in our media.