31 October 2017

Traditional Catholics in the Baltimore area...

... Ordinariate news!! Mount Calvary Catholic Church, centre of a flourishing Ordinariate Group, is being erected into a parish of the Ordinariate. Bishop Lopes, Ordinary of the Chair of S Peter, will celebrate Pontifical High Mass (ORDINARIATE RITE) at 4.00 on Saturday 11 November. During Mass he will consecrate the Altar, and seal into it a relic of S John of the Cross.

Mount Calvary has taught and practised the Faith since 1842; its first Vicar, Fr Alfred Curtis, was received into Full Communion by Blessed John Henry Newman himself, and subsequently became the second Bishop of Wilmington.

It sounds a jolly area; the Shrine of S Alfonso Liguori (FSSP); and America's first Catholic Cathedral, our Lady Assumpta, are not far away.


Anonymous said...

We recently visited the cathedral and the Shrine of S. Alphonsus: both are very nice pilgrimage sites, particularly the cathedral crypt and the art & architecture of the shrine. Both prominently display the Tradition of the Church and the witness of her saints. The city seems to have lost a bit of polish since the rioting in 2015, though we met a few nice folks - if you would please remember Rosalyn & Pernell in your prayers.

We never realized the Ordinariate had a presence nearby!

For visitors, the Hampton Inn near Inner Harbour is a great bargain, next door to Oriole Park at Camden Yards (a popular & modestly priced open air aviary of sorts).

Deo volente said...


Here is a link to Mount Calvary Church in Baltimore.


The Shrine of Saint Alphonsus Liguori began as a German Church whose first pastor was St. John Neumann, a Redemptorist priest. The Redemptorist Order began many mission Churches in the region and St. Mary's Church in Annapolis is such a one. St. John Neumann was soon consecrated Bishop of Philadelphia. Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, another Redemptorist, was also a Pastor at Saint Alphonsus. As you stated, the Shrine was recently entrusted to the F.S.S.P. by Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore.

The Basilica of the Assumption is near both St. Alphonsus Shrine and Mount Calvary Church. It is a historic Shrine and was recently renovated.



Fr Allan said...

Long-associated with the Church of Mount Calvary are the All Saints' Sisters of the Poor at near-by Catonsville. The Sisters, together with their beautiful convent. were received into Full Communion in the Catholic Church some years ago.

Fr Allan Hawkins

Steve Cavanaugh said...

Also nearby Mount Calvary is Mother Seton House, the home where St. Elizabeth Ann Seton lived during the year she opened her boarding school for girls in Baltimore, after her conversion from the Episcopal faith to Catholicism. It was here that she professed vows as a Daughter of Charity before moving the school to Emmitsburg, Maryland.

jpauley said...

Also nearby is the house on Paca Street where St. Elizabeth Ann Seton made her first vows as a Daughter of Charity. http://stmaryspacast.org/mother-seton-house/ I was a parishioner of Mount Calvary (then Episcopalian) in the 1980s, lived around the corner from Mt. Calvary, and was also a law student at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Mother Seton's house was on my way to school, and one of her relics was in the altar at Mt. Calvary. I'm convinced she had something to do with my "perversion to Rome," to use the phrase of an article about an earlier Mount Calvary parishioner's conversion.
Br. John-Bede Pauley, O.S.B.
1 November 2017

TomG said...

My wife and I are new parishioners in St. Alphonsus. HE Abp Lori, a "son of the Mount", as he calls himself (that being Mt. St. Mary's University and Seminary in Emmitsburg) has bestowed on us trads a marvelous gift in entrusting St. Alphonsus to the FSSP. Our new pastor, Fr. Joel Kiefer, FSSP, is wonderful; I've never heard better, more substantial homilies in my life.

Matt said...

Thank you, Fr. Hunwicke, for giving this plug to Mount Calvary's special Solemn High Mass. We invite anyone who is interested to attend this Mass. We're pulling out all the stops, and if you've ever wondered what a truly beautiful liturgy can be, you're going to be hard pressed to find one more beautiful than this. Lifting up Christ in the Beauty of Holiness!

Matthew M said...

It is a shame that Maryland has deteriorated so greatly in recent years. The state having been named in honor of the English queen Henrietta Maria of France. It was established as a refuge for persecuted English Catholics. I pray for its recovery and may these 2 great beacons of Holy Tradition (the FSSP and ANGLICAN ORDINARIATE) restore it to its past Glory.