20 October 2017

Correcting the Correctio

Excellent news for you ! There is now a pro-Bergoglian counterblast to the Correctio Filialis. Go and read; go and enjoy! Spread knowledge of it! It is important that journalists and the Internet do not forget our Correctio!

Strictly entre nous ... and entirely within these four walls ... the counterblast was actually masterminded in the echoing marble halls of the Correctio Secretariate as a disinformation device to keep our Correctio Filialis in the news. On no account divulge this; it is top secret. I know I can trust you.

We had no trouble collecting signatures for the Correctio Correctionis! For some reason, fear of reprisals doesn't seem to deter people from signing a pro-Bergoglian manifesto! Among the signatories we secured is the (Jesuit) Master of Campion Hall in this University. I knew he would be up for it because he authored a pro-Bergoglian document which, festooned with the word CONFIDENTIAL, was circulating earlier this year in at least one English diocese. I got a copy which, as far as my recollection goes, had fallen off the back of a lorry.

But our biggest coup was a much more interesting signatory. Martha Heizer, leader of the Austrian branch of We Are Church. Martha belongs to a very elite group: those who have been excommunicated in and by this pontificate ... yes, even under the regime of Mercy, excommunications happen!!

Why were Martha and her husband, in 2014, excommunicated? For the canonical offence of Simulating the Sacrament of the Eucharist. The pair of them hosted priestless "celebrations of Mass" in their own home. Ergo ... is it Canon 1378? Rigid, but fair!

After receiving the sentence, Martha interestingly expressed the view that they were still members of the Church because of their Baptisms, and would remain so unless they themselves left the Church.
(1) The Good News: Martha understands and accepts the dogma of the indelible Character marked upon the soul in Baptism.
(2) The Bad News: Martha seems to think that she (and hubby) do themselves have the power to wipe the Character of Baptism off their souls by 'leaving' the Church.


Nobody has the power to extinguish the full effects of Baptism. Not the Pope; not the Canon Lawyers; not the Heizers.

Martha's mental confusions are the reason why I am now going to disappoint all you hardline bloodthirsty Traddies: I am uneasy about this use of Excommunication. I do understand the importance of marking the seriousness of offences the Heizers had committed against the Body of Christ, the Church. But ... these poor dim silly confused creatures ... would it not be more merciful to excommunicate them formally but to suspend the full effect of the sentence to the extent of allowing their canonical pastor to use his discretion ad salutem animarum?


Ed Ahlsen-Girard said...

Your sublety is on full display, Father. Wait....

Ana Milan said...

Satire of the highest order. Great laugh, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Subtle as a pair of Irishmen discussing Scotch!

Tom said...

Correctio Correctionis' "signatories" sounds as if it were the name of a political party in Britain or elsewhere in the English-speaking world. The alternate "signators" begs for a prefix such as "de" or "re." I prefer the simple Anglo-American "signers."

JARay said...

I have read the "Laudatio of Pope Francis" on Rorate Caeli and I weep within myself that this loss of Faith within the Church is so marked. Indeed, Luke 18:8 is so clear :- "But yet, the Son of Man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?"

Anonymous said...

There is a Japanese proverb: “When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends".

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Professor Herman NuDix of Continuity College in Rome assure ABS in an email; Just because a person signs a correction to a correction does not mean that person is correct because within each correction there are both positive and negative elements that are, by their very nature (fish gotta fly, birds gotta swim) correctable. It is only if one is able to maintain an irenic - not to stay ironic - view of these captious questions that one is able to be able to attend lavish dinner parties with those who are both sappers or supporters of the surprising idea that The Holy Ghost brings with Him the very surprises we need at this time, in this space, and we all know, don't we, that space is lesser than time and all of your base doctrines are belong to us. Amen?