15 October 2017


It seems a long time ago now ... but it's only a fortnight. Yet again, I was graciously invited to Copenhagen to sing Mass for the Latin Mass Group, and to meet them socially. It is a great pleasure to meet again with old friends ... and a privilege to admire their growing families! And, not least, I am moved by the friendship and hospitality of Mgr Czeslaw Koslon, Bishop of Copenhagen, who not only allows me to say my morning EF Mass in his elegant domestic Chapel, but even serves it for me! I bet not many presbyters have had their Masses served by the President of an Episcopal Conference!

This recent visit was the last occasion in which I shall stay in the Bishop's House, because the Church is relinquishing the lease and refurbishing a large ecclesiatical complex, formerly Jesuit, in the centre of the City. It will have flats for his Lordship, his Vicar General, accommodation for Franciscans ...

Ulf, who knows everything, kindly spent Saturday taking me round the Danish and Nordic Art section of the State Museum of Culture. We live in an age of highly expensive blockbuster international exhibitions, yet many of us ... I mean me ... know practically nothing about the art of other European countries in their own terms. Delving into the art of another country, one also gets sidelines on ones own. A portait might make one feel "If that were in the Wallace Collection, it might be by Boucher" or "That could be by Fuseli".

And how many people on the top of a Clapham omnibus have even heard of Thorvaldsen?


Royce said...

What a wonderful place, indeed! I too have been invited to Copenhagen several times to sign Mass and assist with other ceremonies for these fine folks. May God bless them and their families (which I am elated to hear continue to grow). I wish to corroborate as well what a gentlemen and excellent Bishop Msgr. Koslon. It is a shame he has to give up that worthy residence.

John Vasc said...

Surely everyone who's been guided (or self-guided via the audio tour) around the Basilica of St Peter's in Rome must know who Thorvaldsen is? Even if they may need more help to recall Pope Pius VII, whose monument he sculpted.
(But then I've never knowingly been on either storey of a Clapham omnibus :-)

PS I see the V&A has possesses (in storage) a roundel by Thorvaldsen of the figure 'Night' carrying Death and Sleep - a design reproduced as a plaster cast by a London decorator several decades after his death, which speaks for his lasting fame.