21 May 2017


Last Thursday, after dealing with my blog and emails, I turned the computer off  and went ... I am retired! ... for a walk along the river, stopping when I felt like it, to read a few hundred lines of Ovid's Metamorphoses (I hope readers are aware that, according to S Jerome, Publius Ovidius Naso died in the year 17 A.D.).

When I got back home, I turned the computer on ... but the screen was dead. I think the various pieces of jiggery pokery I attempted in order to get it going again made things worse ...

 ... at least, that is what a friend who was able to drop in this afternoon (Sunday) thought. He kindly gave me a new screen and, after much labour, was able to get the whole caboodle working again.

But it is even more hideously slow than it was before.

Happily, I had prescheduled some pieces to pop up automatically, which they obediently did. But I apologise to readers and friends for the results of its erratic and tardy operation. If things have been lost, either emails or comments, I am sorry. Please don't take it personally.


Colin Spinks said...

I am surprised, Father, at your use of the word "pre-scheduled". Is that, as they now say, "a thing?". Like "pre-order"?

Christopher Uhl said...

Father, love your blog; check it every day; consider it indispensable. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that you place A.D. after the year. In the year of the Lord seventeen = A.D. 17. Or is it a British thing to do it the other way 'round?

Childermass said...

I was in Ovid's hometown of Sulmona, Abruzzo, in 2015, and they already had banners around town announcing the big 2,000th birthday celebration in 2017. It should be something after such a long wait.