14 May 2017


Did anybody recognise who comprised the bevy of Anglican bishops processing among the Portuguese Catholic bishops at the Canonisations?

Most "Anglo-Catholic" bishops use "Catholic" choir dress when officiating in the Church of England, and Anglican choir dress in Romish contexts.

Bewildering others is so essentially a part of the Patrimony.

Interesting, that Guido Marini still prints the genuflections at the Consecrations in his libelli; and puts out a prie Dieu which is never used. (I have some sympathy for the Holy Father's incapacities in this respect.) Is all this so as to maintain, with a view to future pontiffs, the position as to what should happen, pontifical health permitting?

I thought it did Pope Bergoglio some credit that, after the blessing of the sick, when he went with the Monstrance and was giving Eucharistic Benediction to some other layfolk, and a proportion of them started clapping, waving, and shouting Viva il papa, he did look disconcerted. Perhaps little telling details like this may help him to understand the questionable nature of the 'papal international celebrity' cult which he did not invent but has done so little to counter.


vetusta ecclesia said...

At exposition in Hyde Park B XVI just pointed to the sky and silence reigned.

Kathleen1031 said...

That horse is so far down the road we can't see it from here.

And did you see the horribly ugly contraption they put Our Lord into? That, is not a monstrance, but a poke in the eye to Catholics everywhere, since it is obviously not a monstrance in the sense of being recognizable. These people take great pains to make everything similar, but not identical to, whatever Catholics may find comfort in recognizing.

Священник села said...

Dear Kathleen - not only are they not concerned to use what is known, loved, recognized but they consider it their task to destroy what is known and loved, for your spiritual benefit of course because they know better, but also to assert and normalize their own emptiness and listless desires.

Banshee said...

A lot of monstrances have a Sun motif with rays. I think that monstrance was supposed to represent the dancing Sun of the Fatima miracle. It was not great at doing that, but it did try.

Honestly, though, I do not see how an artist could resist using all different tones and colors of precious metals for such a theme. Just out of joy and delight!

Unknown said...

The Anglicans who were present are members of the Ecumenical Friends of Fátima Association (EFFA), an Anglican organisation that makes an annual pilgrimage to Fátima on the 12 and 13 of May.

The five bishops were:
Jonathan Baker of Fulham
Norman Banks of Richborough
Jonathan Goodall of Ebbsfleet
Glyn Webster of Beverly
Robert Ladds, formerly of Witby, currently Superior-General of the Society of Mary

x said...

I was in Fatima and enthusiasm was low. People tried shouting "Viva o Papa!" or "Esta é a juventude do Papa" (this is the Pope's youth), but no one would follow the lead. Silence reigned for most of Friday night.