16 February 2017


Whatever is a chap to do if he gets onto a train in Kent and finds a typescript left on an empty  seat by a previous traveller ... or "customer", as the train companies now call us ...

This is an appeal for information: does anybody know the status of a document by a Jesuit called James Hanvey and dated 20 October 2016?


bob said...

I was suprised to see, while waiting for 'the train to divide' at Haywards Heath, Sussex, yesterday that there was a 'Passenger Lounge'. So there is hope for them with regards to the English language.


James Hanvey is the Master of Campion Hall. Perhaps he should be contacted!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

If he is Jesuit, contact the Jesuit order!

Surrey Highlander said...

I don't know anything about that particular document. However I do know Fr James Hanvey SJ. As a person he is a good egg but I imagine his theological opinions might differ a bit from yours!

He is currently Master of Campion Hall, Oxford and you should be able to contact him there (http://www.campion.ox.ac.uk/).

Banshee said...

I do not know, but he has an email and telephone number at the "Campion Hall" webpage.

E sapelion said...

Campion Hall staff
Rev'd Dr. James Hanvey, SJ
Fellow in Theology and Master
Phone Number:
01865 286101

Melinda said...

The status is probably heretical, based on date and author's religious identity.

Fr. Christopher George Phillips said...

Information from the internet:

Rev'd Dr. James Hanvey, SJ
Fellow in Theology and Master, Campion Hall
Phone Number:
01865 286101
Email: master@campion.ox.ac.uk

UnanimousConsent said...

I don't know the status.... But Hanvey is listed in LinkedIn as:

Superior, Jesuit Community, 114 Mount Street at The Society of Jesus, London

Alex F. said...

I'm not sure if this information will be of much use to you, Father, but I see a Fr. James Hanvey, SJ as Master of Campion Hall, Oxford (http://www.jesuit.org.uk/profile/james-hanvey-sj). Perhaps the "Jesuits in Britain" website could put you in contact with him?

Jean-Luc said...

Call him or send him an email.
This is what we find on the Internet:

Rev'd Dr. James Hanvey, SJ
Phone Number: 01865 286101
Email: master@campion.ox.ac.uk

He's Master of Campion Hall.

By the way, I am a Frenchman living in Malta. I am a fan of your blog and I hope one day to be able to attend one of your beautiful anglo-catholic liturgies.

Jhayes said...

Not sure if you are asking if anyone has found the document or if you are asking how to reach the author.

If the latter, perhaps it is Fr. Hanvey at Campion Hall?

Rev'd Dr. James Hanvey, SJ
Fellow in Theology and Master
Phone Number: 01865 286101
Email: master@campion.ox.ac.uk

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, James gained his Oxford doctorate on the subject of constructing a contemporary metaphysics of the doctrine of the Trinity. After a period as Headmaster of the Jesuit St Aloysius’ College, Glasgow, he taught systematic theology at Heythrop College, University of London, where he was also Head of the Department of Christian Doctrine and Director of the Heythrop Institute for Religion, Ethics and Public Life. He has also been a theological consultant to the Bishops of England and Wales. After serving at the University of San Francisco as the Lo Schiavo Professor of Catholic Social Thought, he was appointed Master of Campion Hall in 2013. His recent writings include ‘Dignity, Person, Imago Trinitatis’, in Understanding Human Dignity (ed. Christopher McCrudden, 2013); and ‘For the Life of the World’ in The Second Vatican Council (ed. Gavin D’Costa and Emma Jane Harris, 2013).

Zephyrinus said...

He's not The Guard, is he ?

Or, should I say, The Customer's Manager !!!

JMcCarthy said...

He's the Master of Campion Hall in Oxon since 2014 - some of these guys just discard their papers like that on the train. I picked up a long document on a train in France one time by an American. You might want to contact him, or not.. https://www.jesuit.org.uk/profile/james-hanvey-sj

I tried to leave a comment on your piece about the Kerry chalice, but failed. What is the story about the Great Scarriff and the provincial of the Franciscans being killed?

Kind regards,


JMcCarthy said...

Not sure that comment went through - will try again.

This is the chap you are seeking. Master of Campion Hall since 2014.
https://www.jesuit.org.uk/profile/james-hanvey-sj He may be using the train like Oliver Letwin used the rubbish bin in St. James's Park as a way of disposing of work he's finished with. Or one of his students might be doing this.

Do let us have the full story of what happened on the Great Scarriff when time permits.

Kind regards,


Doodler said...

according to the Jssuit Webpage:

James Hanvey joined the Jesuits in 1975 and was ordained in 1983. He began work for his doctorate in Trinitarian Theology in 1985 under the supervision of Rowan Williams.  He was Headmaster of St Aloysius’ College Glasgow.  He went on to be visiting scholar at Weston Jesuit Theological School, Cambridge Mass USA and returned to be head of Theology at Heythrop College. In 2004 Dr. Hanvey helped to found The Heythrop Institute for Religion, Ethics and Public Life and became its director.  He took up the post of Master of Campion Hall, Oxford in 2014 and is also a member of Oxford University’s Faculty of Theology and Religion.

Trisagion said...

Send it to Cardinal Mueller accompanied by a suitable dubitum?

Anonymous said...

Check for heresy with a view to incineration. Then incinerate.

Ian Coleman said...

Burn it! Immediately!

Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

according to the internet James Hanvey SJ is Master of Campion Hall...

Ceile De said...

Perhaps this is a Jesuitically subtle expression of the new evangelisation?

Trisagion said...

Irony is dead, dear Father: that or lost on most of those commenting here. Is it possible that you neither knew not who the author was nor that he was Master of Campion nor yet where a Head of House in this University could be found? Three dubia to which the unfashionably binary answers available to you are likely to meet with a Thatcherite, "No! No! No!".