19 February 2017


At the top left hand corner of this blog, there is a sweet little box with a very nice magnifying glass beside it. You can use it to find all sorts of interesting things ... I think of it as a Search Engine ... you'll be surprised ...

... for example: a recent comment enquired where the Anglican evangelical theologian and bishop N T Wright had made his critical remarks about the pre-Advent dating for Christ the King.

If one types in Christ King Wright one instantly gets given a 2014 post of mine listing the book concerned, and offering some quotations.

Now comes my strict bit. Mummy and Daddy and Nanny can't always be at hand to spoon every little last morsel of porridge into your dear expectant litte mouth. Why not try the Search Engine before you impetuously raise a great hungry wail from the cavernous depths of your perambulator?


peregrinusto said...

Thank you Father. Altogether too much whining.

They tell me that it doesn't happen in France where children are well behaved because parents are like Fr. Hunwicke . . . without the biretta (for the most part).

Mike Sheil said...

"Let me Google that for you..."
You expanded on that so well, Father.

RichardT said...

For those whose ability with computers is as erratic as my own, the "sweet little box with a very nice magnifying glass beside it" is, when I visit here, hidden behind a large grey banner with a message about cookies (which I am told is mandated by the European Commission).

It took me a long time to discover that clicking on "GOT IT" will remove said grey banner and reveal Father's helpful search box.