3 February 2017


Rorate suggests there are speculations about the date of the regularisation of the Society of S Pius X. Well; we've been through these agonies before; these games of Grandmother's Steps. But I can't help thinking that March 25, Lady Day, the Feast of the Annunciation, would be eminently suitable.

Why? It was when the Incarnation ... if we dare to use any human verb ... happened. When a minute speck in a Girl's womb was the Creator. The moment of repose which lies at the heart of all the times and of all the universes. Where all History suddenly miraculously focuses all Divine meaning. The instant when His Body the Church began to exist on Earth. The beginning of the last Age which will be concluded by the End.

And there is, of course, another, more particular, reason for the appropriateness of that Day.

Requiem aeternam dona ei Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Pro nobis omnibus deprecetur.


Christoph Hagen said...

You are absolutly right, Father. This date would involve a sort of rehabilitation for Archbishop Lefebvre, who according to Benedict XVI. has been "a great bishop and missionary of the Universal Church".

mark wauck said...

Probably best not to hold one's breath: Bp. Fellay: Clarity Needed to Move Forward. Here are the relevant words of Fellay:

Error remains error. So we remain today, just as before, just as convinced that there are errors that have been spread in the Church and that are killing the Church.

And of course, we understand that it takes time to purify and remove these errors, we understand. Men cannot be changed just like that; all sorts of bad habits have been acquired now; even just bringing back the holy liturgy. We understand very well that it cannot be done overnight. So if things take time, that is one thing, but is the intention even there? Is there any intention to leave this way of thinking that was imposed at the Council?

And we see, at least in the authorized voices, shall we say, the leading voices, that they are saying, “No, no. No, no, we shall continue along the same lines.”
So we remain outlaws. Well, tolerated outlaws, and we might even say, in the most astonishing way, with Pope Francis we are more than tolerated, but we remain on the outskirts.

So are things going to stay as they are? Are things going to move ahead? Or tomorrow are we going to be swallowed up by this movement that, once again, is killing the Church? That is the question. And until we have a clear enough answer, we cannot move forward.

Woody said...

Amen and amen, Father. Of course in addition to being the Archbishop's dies natalis, Lady Day was the start of the new year in England until she finally got round to adopting the papist Gregorian calendar in 1752. Or so, in effect, says the Wikipedia:

Maureen Lash said...

Yes there is!

Tony V said...

Will definitely look for Emily Clarke at Eurovision. That song's a winner, and if she grows a beard, ain't nothing gonna stop her. (Favourite lyric: 'Come, Papa Francis, and lead us to new birth. You were chosen by God above...')

And really, why should popes have to wait for death to be canonised?

Of course, everything's derivative these days. Surely I'm not the only one who thought immediately of √Čva Csepregi's smash 1988 hit? ('Mr Reagan, you better watch out!')